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Tuesday, 9 February

With the popularity of this model and the large demand for it we decided to do a limited run one time only restock! Get her while she lasts!

Miss Mags: Valentines Edition

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!

Monday, 8 February

Happy New Year of the Monkey! May you have a happy, healthy and wealthy year ahead! 旺啊!

Friday, 5 February

Just in time for Valentines Day we have the new holiday themed alternate sculpt of Miss Mags for Rum & Bones!

Miss Mags: Valentines Edition

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!

Thursday, 4 February

7 New releases and 31 Restocks from The Army Painter!

The Army Painter: Hobby Starter - Wargaming Set

The Army Painter: Warpaints Quickshade Ink Set II

The Army Painter: Battlefields XP - Swamp Tuft

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Tuesday, 2 February

Hail and well met! The SXSW Gaming Awards are now open for public voting. And we're excited to announce that CoolMiniOrNot, Guillotine Games and Studio McVey's Blood Rage is nominated for Tabletop Game of the Year.

Besides the Tabletop category, SXSW also awards digital and mobile games, evaluating their design, art, SFX, gameplay and much more. So we are among good company and honored to be considered.

If you're a Blood Rage fan, please show your support and vote Blood Rage for SXSW's Tabletop Game of the Year! You can also help us out by sharing this info on Twitter, Facebook and any of your other favorite social media platforms. Voting ends Friday, February 12 at 11:59pm PST.

Friday, 29 January

8 New releases for Malifaux 2nd Edition


Tengu (3)

Snow Storm

Wild Boar (3)

Sammy LaCroix

All this and more available at the CMON Online Store!
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2 new releases for Arcadia Quest!

Arcadia Quest: Aeric

Arcadia Quest: Farfalla

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Tuesday, 26 January

5 New Releases for Infinity!

ALEPH: Achilles v2 (Hoplite Armor) 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Ariadna: USAriadna Starter Pack

Nomads: Spektrs (boarding Shotgun)

Tohaa: Kerail Preceptors

PanOceania: Military Order Father Knight (Spitfire)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online store!
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Friday, 22 January

The long awaited restock of the Rum & Bones Metal Coins is here!

Rum & Bones Metal Coins

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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The Brotherhood of the Rat Story Encounter and Adventure Set for Malifaux 2nd Edition and Through the Breach from Wyrd game is here!

Brotherhood of the Rat Story Encounter and Adventure Box

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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New on CoolMiniOrNot - Friday, 12 February


New and notable

Auctions ending today

Stormcast Lord
by razza
















Blast from the past!

An end beyond compare
Submitted on 15 August 15 by Viktor von M

Submitted on 25 August 15 by Hotrod RATING: 10
Stunning job with the water (blood?) The waves behind are masterwork.

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