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Friday, 29 August

Starting Sunday August 31st we are having a sale on Pegaso Models! This sale runs through September 6th so don't miss it!

Thursday, 28 August

21 new releases from Dark Sword Miniatures including 4 miniatures designed by Dark Sword to honor some of the biggest names in the industry.

Marike - Guardian of the Sea (1)

Jessica - Keeper of the Glade (1)

Hawk - Treasure Hunter (1)

Jen - Harvester of Souls (1)

Visions in Fantasy - Female Assassin (1)

Male Anti-Paladin (1)

Visions in Fantasy - Female Barbarian (1)

Hedgehog Druid with Staff (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Tuesday, 26 August

Zombicide paint sets by The Army Painter!

The Army Painter: Warpaints Zombicide Core Paint Set

The Army Painter: Warpaints Zombicide Toxic City Mall / Prison Outbreak Paint Set

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Monday, 25 August

3 new releases and a restock from Avatars of War!

Marauder Champion with weapon and shield

Major General of Lusia

Great Broadsword of Arguntia

Manhunter with two weapons and spear (1)

Dark Elf Princess with Dragonette

Dark Elf Black Shadow with Two Hand Weapon

Dark Elf Queen/Witch Kit

Dwarf Pathfinders box (20)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Sunday, 24 August

This week we are offering 20% off Enigma Miniatures and if that isn't already good enough for every order contianing 4 or more Enigma Miniatures we will include a never before released Enigma mini, Kung-Fu Bunny FREE!

Friday, 22 August

Michael Kontraros Collectibles are now available here at CMoN! These wonderful sculpts are of the highest quality and packaged in wonderful metal tins.

90mm Elf Dragon Prince (2)

Dwarf Dragon Slayer Bust

54mm Vampire Queen (1)

Goblin in Love Bust

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Thursday, 21 August

We have a new 54mm miniature for our Cool Mini or Not Exclusive line! Masterfully crafted by Patrick Mason and cast in high quality resin this 54mm beauty will be a perfect addition to your collection.

54mm Nude Study (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Wednesday, 20 August

4 New releases from Kingdom Death and a restock of the Pinups of Death!

Adult Sunstalker - Collector's Edition (1)

The King - Collector's Edition (1)

Nightmare Ram - Collector's Edition (1)

People of the Sun - Collector's Edition (2)

Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection (8)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

14 new items from Wyrd miniatures for Malifaux 2nd Edition!

The Bayou Boss - Som'er Crew (8)

Governor's Proxy (1)

Dawn Serpent (1)

December Acolytes (3)

Convict Gunslinger (2)

Bete Noire (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Limited edition release from Dark World Creations of Judge Dredd on the MK 1 Lawmaster. Only 100 made and sold world wide! Get yours before they are all gone!

Judge Dredd on MK1 Lawmaster Limited Edition (70mm)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

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Archaon, The Everchosen
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Lord Ulthrak
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