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Friday, 20 November

6 New releases for Malifaux 2nd Edition by Wyrd Games!

The Crossroads 7 Encounter Set

Bushwhackers - Ma Tucket Crew (6)

Monks of High River (3)

Lightning Bugs (3)

Mysterious Effigy

Hodgepodge Effigy

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Tuesday, 17 November

5 new releases from Corvus Belli for Infinity!

Yu Jing: Guijia Squadrons

Ariadna: Roger Van Zant, Cpt. 6th Airborne

PanOceania: Seraphs, Armoured Cavalry of Military Order

Haqqislam: Special Deterrance Group Azra'il (HMG)

ALEPH: Dactyls (Doctor)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online store!
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Monday, 16 November

CoolMiniOrNot presents our new Campaign:

Arcadia Quest: Inferno builds upon the same basic gameplay as the original hit game, Arcadia Quest. Players control a Guild of 3 unique heroes as they fight their way through multiple branching scenarios of the campaign. Each scenario presents different quests that must be fulfilled in order to be victorious, and a wide variety of monsters for the Heroes to defeat! Since monsters react to the Heroes' actions, no one is stuck playing the role of game master.

As the heroes defeat enemies and accomplish quests, their guilds rake in the coins, which will then allow them to buy and equip new and powerful loot! This includes things like legendary weapons and armor, or new abilities and magic items. Combining each hero's unique ability with all the different upgrades they earn throughout the campaign allows players to create amazing and unexpected combos!

Arcadia Quest: Inferno is a standalone game, but also fully compatible with previous Arcadia Quest boxes. It contains a full campaign with 12 scenarios for players to explore. As players progress through the circles of Inferno, deeper and deeper into the Underworld, the campaign branches into two distinct paths. The path not taken results in quests the players will not fulfill, and possibly consequences that will come back to haunt them later.

Arcadia Quest: Inferno's brave Heroes!

Inferno's horde miniatures!

By backing Arcadia Quest: Inferno at the $100 Hell of a Pledge level you will receive a copy of Arcadia Quest: Inferno, the King David III Kickstarter Exclusive Hero and all applicable stretch goals we unlock during the campaign!

Save Arcadia from Inferno

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Friday, 13 November

2 New releases hit the streets on Saturday November 14th for Arcadia Quest! Pre-Order yours now!

Arcadia Quest: Haldor & Brenna

Arcadia Quest: Tiaret & Mittens

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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New Dark Age Releases hit the streets on Saturday November 14th! Pre-order yours today!

Forsaken Saint Isaac (1)

Forsaken Ajax (1)

Forsaken Prometheus (1)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Thursday, 5 November

19 new releases from Dark Sword Miniatures!

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - The Guardian Naga

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Zarese of the Silver Moon - Female Mage with Staff

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Arthur and Rankin - Human Wizard and Familiar

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - The Herbalist - Human Druid

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Ash Firefeather - Female Elven Mage

DiTerlizzi Masterworks - The Medusa

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Tuesday, 3 November

8 New releases from Wyrd Games for Malifaux 2nd Edition and their new board game!

Darkness Comes Rattling

Temple of the Dawn - Shenlong Crew (7)

Pale Rider

Explosive Solutions - Wong Crew (6)

Lucky Effigy

All this and more available now at the CMON online store!
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Friday, 30 October

Happy Halloween from CMON! We decided to skip the Tricks and deliver you a treat with this Limited Edition resin Mad Ivan resculpt. Complete with Jack-o-Lantern head, sickle and torch this ghastly swashbuckler is sure to give even the most ghoulish Bone Devil the heebee jeebees!

Mad Ivan: Halloween Edition

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!

Friday, 23 October

Back in stock!

Elf Sorceress on Giant Owl

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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New expansion for XenoShyft: Onslaught!

XenoShyft: Grafting Lab Expansion

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Late October Releases for Rum & Bones!

Rum & Bones: Mazu's Dreadful Curse Expansion

Rum & Bones: Mazu's Dreadful Curse Heroes Set #1

Rum & Bones: Mazu's Dreadful Curse Dice

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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New on CoolMiniOrNot - Wednesday, 25 November


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Blast from the past!

Zoraida -Ares mythologic-
Submitted on 28 May 15 by masklans

Submitted on 30 June 15 by gvlb RATING: 6
splendid skin tone

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