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Wednesday, 30 July

Black Forest Miniatures!

Kira (1)

Kurgan the Barbarian (1)

Undertaker (1)

Gurgurh, orc warrior (1)

Shaman troll (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Sunday, 27 July

Get in the zone with this weeks sale on Gamezone Miniatures! Upgrade those fantasy miniatures to something incredible with these spectacular sculpts available for 20% off starting Sunday July 27th.

Thursday, 24 July

12 new releases from Darksword most of them for their Anthropomorphic line!

Cthulu Guinea Pig (1)

Zoe the Golden Ranger - Golden Retriever (1)

Huge Orc King (1)

"Bean" the Cthulhu Cat (1)

Hamster Ranger - Dual Wield (1)

Hedgehog Knight with Sword/Shield (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

Here is a new crossover model for Wrath of Kings, Dark Age and Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke!

Princess Outis has been designed to fit into not just one, not just two, but three different worlds!

She can be used in games of Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke and will get her own unique rules. In addition, you’ll be able to take her into battle as a Mercenary in games of Wrath of Kings and Dark Age with rules from those games’ creators. Pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Her concept is one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to get her sculpted and cast up in beautiful resin. I think she’s going to be an amazing model to paint, with the various undersea elements she has making for some stunning details.

The process of developing this concept was a rewarding one. Coming up with a design that was at home in the industrial steampunk aesthetic of the Big Smoke but also looked really great in the apocalyptic world of Samaria and the kingdoms of Arikana was challenging but very fun. I hope you guys are into the look of the mini as much as I am.

Princess Outis is available to add to your pledge as a Regular choice or she can be put in as an add-on! - James Griffiths, Infamy Miniatures.

Wednesday, 23 July

Sunday, 20 July

This weeks sale features 20% off Wild West Exodus and Wyrd Miniatures!

Friday, 18 July

For those of you who are gearing up to compete in the Crystal Brush competition here is a new piece from one of the official Sponsors, and for those of you who aren't looking to compete here is a great new model for you from Terrible Kids Stuff! This is the Red Ace designed by Paolo Parente and inspired by his DUST Babes!

Red Ace (White Metal) Limited Edition

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

For our Predator fans out there we have the Oups - Predette from Predastore. One part pinup, One part predator, All deadly!

Oups - Predette (1)

Prey Predette (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Thursday, 17 July

We have for you the first sculpt released by Joaquin Palacious Studio the solo venture of... you guessed it Joaquin Palacious who is responsible for so many of the wonderful sculpts throughout this industry. Now the name may be ringing some faint bells for some of you but you still cant quite place the name, Well to help you out Joaquin Palacious is also known as Freeman. So here is the first release from his studio.

Steampick (60mm)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Wednesday, 16 July

In timing with their recent success on Kickstarter here is an Infamy Restock for you! And don't forget to go visit their Kickstarter page and view the unreleased models.

The Toad (1)

Mad Pete 54mm (1)

Uncle John Bust Small (1)

Talullah Belle (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!

Tuesday, 15 July

1 new release and a 14 item restock from Andrea!

Daramis, Healing Light (54mm)

Nalach, Evil Shadow (54mm)

Zwëothel, Queen of Darkness (54mm)

Astaroth the Annihilator (54mm)

Arlith, Slient Shadow (54mm)

Andrea Color Paint Set - White Paint Set

Andrea Color Paint Set - Red Paint Set

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!
For trade inquiries please contact [email protected]

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