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Thursday, 28 April

Rum & Bones: Second Tide
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Friday, 22 April

Wrath of Kings: honor and Treachery 2 player starter set is now available. We also have some other new additions for your army!

Honor and Treachery: The Battle of Ravenwood






All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Krosmaster Quest is available here Saturday April 23rd!

Krosmaster Quest Core Box

All this and more available at the CMON Online Store!
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Draw your swords and steel your nerves, the Black Plague is here! Haven't gotten your copy of Zombicide: Black Plague yet? You can get it here now! And releasing on Saturday April 23rd the expansion Wulfsburg!

Zombicide: Black Plague

Zombicide: Wulfsburg

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Friday, 15 April

21 new releases from Raging Heroes for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line including some super limited edition army packs! Here are just a few of these new releases!

Daughters of Anarchy (8)

Krüger's Gambit (16)

Summoning Pack (8)

Von Stroheim's Strike Force (27)

Red Hammers HQ (14)

Iron Empire Character Box 4 (3)

Jailbirds Sniper Unit (3)

Heroes Box: The Big Ones (3)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!

Monday, 11 April

Rum & Bones: Second Tide
Kickstarter Campaign
is now live!

In this exciting sequel to Rum & Bones players will take control of two new pirate crews battling for control of Davy Jones’ mythic treasure! But this is no mere expansion! Second Tide introduces a new leveling system, revamped gameplay, and dynamic new Heroes to improve your pirate adventures!

In Rum & Bones: Second Tide players will take control of one of two deadly pirate crews: The mysterious and monstrous Deep Lords, who seek to claim Davy Jones' treasure in an effort to flood the world and reshape it to their liking, or Marea de la Muerte, a crew of ruthless gold-seeking Spanish cutthroats who will stop at nothing to claim the treasure for their own greed!

The Deep Lords seek the power of the locker, and with it, to flood the world!

The crew of Marea de la Muerte are motivated by power and greed!

Second Tide is no mere expansion! There have been numerous upgrades and changes made to enhance gameplay and your pirate experience! The most notable of such is our new dynamic Leveling System! Each Hero begins the game with their Basic Attack skill card. As they gain Coin, which is obtained from KO'ing enemies and Objectives, they can use that Coin to buy new skills, as well as level up existing skills!

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Friday, 8 April

April releases for Dark Age are here! 3 new additions to the all new forces of Saint Joan!

Inquisitor (1)

The Grey Lady (1)

The Furies (3)

All this and more available now at the CMON online store!
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Thursday, 31 March

8 new releases for Infinity!

Yu Jing: Kanren Counter-insurgency Group (Boarding shotgun, Chain-colt)

Combined Army: Umbra Samaritans (Combi Breaker Rifle)

Ariadna: Col. Yevgueni Voronin, Cossack Diplomatic Corps (Rifle/AP CCW)

Yu Jing: Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge (HVT)

PanOceania: Neoterran Corporate Executive (HVT)

Haqqislam: Tariqa, High Rank Counselor (HVT)

Nomads: Midnight Sun Analyst (HVT)

ALEPH: Aleph High Functionary (HVT)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Wednesday, 30 March

The 2014 CoolMiniOrNot Annual is here!

CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2014

All this and more available now at the CMON online store!
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Tuesday, 29 March

3 new releases this month for Dark Age!

Saint Joan (1)

Deathknight (2)

Sin Eater (2)

All this and more available now at the CMON online store!
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Friday, 25 March

21 new releases from Knight models for both the Batman Miniatures Game and the highly anticipated Marvel Universe Miniatures Game!

Avengers (4)

Animated Series Batman (1)

Nova (1)

Cyborg (1)

Marvel Universe Spray Templates

Animated Series Harley Quinn (1)

All this and more available now at the CMON Online Store!
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Crystal Brush
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Dark Crystal
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Ultimate Miniature Painting Guide
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