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Ogre Bulls Regiment, UK GD 2005 finalist
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Margo

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Ogre Bulls Regiment, UK GD 2005 finalist

Ogre Bulls Regiment, UK GD 2005 finalist

This Ogre Bulls regiment made it to UK Golden Demon 2005 finalist. The models are converted; the standard was resculpted to represent the Magic Dragonhide Standard described in Ogre Kingdoms army book. The leader was given a sculpted fur coat and a hat to make him stand out from the group.

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Viewer comments:

#219654 Rating: 8 27 Mar 2007
Orcs on steroids!
#181114 Rating: 10 5 Jun 2006
Poor Ice Drake... Beautiful unit! In moments like this I wish I played wfb
#158991 Rating: 10 9 Dec 2005
Beautiful painting! I love the skin tones. Great blending.
#153217 16 Oct 2005
Hello everybody; I've been getting questions about the scales on the banner, if they're sculped or just painted. Well, the answer is, they are sculped As for it being bright and blue -- the banner represents the Dragonhide Standard made of an Ice Drake hide. So that's why the color. Thanks for the comments!
#153193 Rating: 10 16 Oct 2005
Упс.. случайно на энтер нажал.. У кожи такой классный оттенок получился. Прям шелковистый. ) НММ тоже эффектный. Единственно что я понять не могу, чешуйки на баннере нарисованы или слеплены? Как по мне, так это лучшая твоя работа на данный момент.
#153192 Rating: 10 16 Oct 2005
Классный отряд у кожи тако
#152841 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2005
Some of the best ogres I´ve ever seen, great skin colors and fantastic metallics(or is it NMM - I actually can´t tell). The color choice is also superb; finally, the bannetr is both very original and gives the whole display a great central piece. I was not at the GD, but i can hardly imagine this didn´t come beyound the finals.
#152824 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2005
really nice margo nice banner too i think the bright blue doesnt fit with the concept i have about dark and violent ogres, but its just personal taste, technically is just amazing you really know how to treat the blues... cheers, albert
#152761 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2005
Great work ! The banner looks very good
#152689 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2005
Excellent works, outstanding blues on the banner. I really like the skintone as well.






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