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Ogre Kingdoms Maneater conversion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Ogre Kingdoms Maneater conversion

Ogre Kingdoms Maneater conversion

A conversion using the basic Ogre plastics, two empire shields, and a little greenstuff.

Bronze in the WFB Monster category at the UK Golden Demon 2006.

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#350534 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2011
imo. The hardest part about painting is making an "ordinary" model look extraordinary. This is a classic example of how that can be accomplished.
#294956 Rating: 10 3 Jun 2009
By far, the most clever conversion that i've seen in a long time. I love the skintone, although it aint what i use on my ogres. I love how easily he seems to carry that hugesome falchion. Just outstanding.
#240875 Rating: 6 8 Nov 2007
All i can say is wow... The glow of the eyes and skintone is amazing
#172488 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2006
great work
#171670 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2006
Amazing. No more to say because my jaw dropped open ~Bill
#162632 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2006
Jeg skriver på norsk og håper du forstår meg Dette er en fet modell, som er veldig bra malt. Som alltid er metallet utrolig bra malt, og huden or også veldig fet. Jeg synes at du har verdens feteste malestil, og du er en mester på metallics
#155276 Rating: 9 5 Nov 2005
Hi Jakob, I'm quite pleased with your maneater. In most part I agree with the others. I've some suggestions to make your latest works better: - the mini have large, mostly unsculpted, or not so sculpted areas (the pants, for example). Try freehand, and paint some ogre-like patterns and symbols on it. The same for the upper body (tattoos, tribal marks, etc). Just like you did on the earring. - the blood on the weapon is awesome, but the blade itself isn't very fascinating. I think it needs some putty and sculpting, maybe conversion. - I especially like the cripped skull on the base. It looks so real. - do not dare to use empire trophys! Sigmar will kick your butt.
#154679 Rating: 9 30 Oct 2005
kan rett og slett ikke fordra ogrefigurene! se på skuldrene! de ser ut som plastelinaklumper som bare er slengt på i et håp om å ligne en muskel! genialt malt (elsker metallet ditt!), men jeg får helt noia av de skuldrene.
#154577 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2005
I Love this Jacob! Your talent is so great, and your a vrey nice person to. Drit bra figur, helt vilt! Torstein
#154427 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2005
This superb paintjob shows your enormous talent Jakob. A job very well done! I think that especially the blending on the green trousers and his skintone goes to show that. Subtle but so effective. Lækkert!






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