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by Greenskinz


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Blocks are cast using Hirst Arts Castlemolds. They were blocks that I had damaged removing them from another project. The base is one of those AOL CD's you get in the mail every two weeks.

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#159832 Rating: 10 15 Dec 2005
My official vote is a 9, but you're clearly getting a hatchet job from someone, because that's way better than a 6.5 that I'm seeing when I look. The water's brilliant, and that you put a 'how to' in when asked is very helpful, too. So, I vote 10, and add to my favourites, because I'm going to eventually try to do water like that, too.
#159009 9 Dec 2005
First I painted the bottom of the pool blue. The water is a 5 minute crystal clear epoxy that was less than $2.00 at wal-mart. I mixed up just enough epoxy to fill half of the pool and added about half a drop of blue acryllic paint to tint it (without shaking the paint, so it was thin). Poured that in, let it set in 5 minutes. I had already drilled a small hole in the mouth of the fountain. I took three pieces of fishing line, held all three together, put a drop of superglue on the ends, and glued them into the mouth. when that was dry, I spread a little glue on top of the center of the epoxy and glued the three pieces of line down so they were fanning out a bit. Then I mixed some more clear epoxy and filled the rest of the pool up. After that was dry, I mixed a little more epoxy and drizzled it over the fishing line. The clear fishing line became completely invisible. About 4 minutes in the the setting time, I agitated the splash area with a toothpick to get air under the epoxy and make the splash look real
#158388 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2005
How did you do the water! I love it!
#156207 Rating: 8 14 Nov 2005
Finally someone found a good use for those AOL CD's. A major improvement over their intended use!






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