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Chaos spawn 2
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by JacquesAlexandre

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Chaos spawn 2

Chaos spawn 2

Sculpted and painted in 2005 for an article in Code Arcanum (Dead French magazine)
3rd in the monster category at the French GD in 2005

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Viewer comments:
#273271 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2008
Coolest chaos spawn ever, just breath taking!
#248634 Rating: 10 26 Jan 2008
#168245 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2006
#156705 Rating: 10 18 Nov 2005
Une des mes figs preferes au GD Zetork
#156276 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2005
putain gripe aviar!!! JAG, gorgeous model again!!! tzeentch was represented twice in this category,........ sculpt work amazing, u always do what u like, you have my admiration and respect. since spain i have always follow the steps of the pioneers like you. Always a reference, and an authentic pleasure and a dream to be on podium between you and thomas.
#156265 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2005
Waaaah, M JAg, c'est vraiment trop fort. C'est super sadique et pervers de donner ainsi envie à tous les autres figurinistes de se pendre; Je ne sais pas quoi dire : la sculpture, la peinture sont ultra top méga bien (l'anatomie, les ombres en peinture : RAAAAAH!). Tan
#156176 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2005
Ca devrait pas etre permis d'avoir un talent pareil, anatomie parfaite, pose des lumieres et maitrise de la couleur parfaites... C est magnifique
#156163 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2005
damn thats insane... the sculptwork KEEPS being as amazing as always and same goes for the paintjob... it was a hard category though... WELL DONE! albert
#156156 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2005
PFFFFFfffff. J'avais deja adoré la piece avec le tuto dans code arcanum, mais là je suis sur le cul . La sculpture est genial et je ne parle même pas de la peinture...bon je vais aller me pendre . Gael
#156145 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2005
i dont like the model, cause for my taste it is ugly..but the sculptwork, the controll of the deformed anatomy and the paintjob it is always incredible.. an incredible piece again.. you continue being one of the masters






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