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Leaf of tree vakhari - eldar Fireprism grav tank
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow one

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Leaf of tree vakhari - eldar Fireprism grav tank

Leaf of tree vakhari - eldar Fireprism grav tank

Another comission work for craftworld Luganath army. Here i dont wont play with dark side, freehand is very soft and non agressive, more characterfull for classic image of eldar. NMM painting and black brown palette of Luganath

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Viewer comments:
#180537 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2006
it remins me of gyger (i think thats how u spell it) infact alot of ur free hand does, amazing
#177088 Rating: 10 4 May 2006
oh, god...
#171278 Rating: 10 15 Mar 2006
I just got a hard one! Holy crap this thing is one of the best works Ive ever seen!
#170428 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2006
holy crap.
#165439 Rating: 10 26 Jan 2006
Wow man this is lucking feet. It almost looks like it's made of translucent materials. The patterns remind me of Moya from Starscape, and the ¿cockpit? makes it look like a wraith-driven fire prism. When I grow I wanna be like you!
#162301 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2006
I love the freehand design.
#161488 Rating: 10 30 Dec 2005
As alwise yellow one you make every other painter on this site look like little kids finger painting. Your freehand is amazing and your nmm is out of this world um.. I rest my case.
#160361 Rating: 10 19 Dec 2005
You're so good it almost hurts. But still you can improve, so don't grow lazy by all the praise!
#157700 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2005
Again, I am speechless. Such refined art, this piece is not meant to be played, it is meant to be worshipped! I must study your work in depth and steal your talent!
#156738 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2005
I like the coft gamma and it's not so "alien". You're the BEST!!!






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