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Space Marine and Servitor
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nano

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Space Marine and Servitor

Space Marine and Servitor

Hi to all. This is my last work. It won gold and surprising the slayer sword in the spanish GD 2005. I enjoyed a lot doing it. The draw of the unicorn is dedicated to a special person for me: Marta. I would like to give thanks to all persons that have contributed and helped me to improve, specially when I have travelled to the French and UK GDs because there are a lot of the best painters of the world. This mini is dedicated to all my friends and mini´s friends.

You can see the sculpt work in the id: 105930

I hope you like it,


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Viewer comments:
#408487 Rating: 8 22 Nov 2013
#405000 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2013
Nano, your work with metallic paint is inspiring as is your ability to capture the grimdark feel of the 41st millennium.
#305493 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2009
It's really very amusing how some people judge knowing nothing about painting. You should understand that painting metallics in 32 mm scale is very difficult, much more so than painting NMM. It requires more than just precision and technique. You must be very careful to properly balance them. If you shade too much you loose the brilliance, yet for this small scale you need to go for contrast. It is really a difficult issue. To have both the texture of metallics, their brilliance and yet add some contrast and tone variation - it makes a master. And you are certainly one, Fernando! I admire your taste and your patience! BTW: how is your project for a Space Marine army going on?
#303110 Rating: 7 17 Sep 2009
Bonjour je ne voit pas ce qu'elle a de spéciale la figurine je la trouve belle mais en plus le manque de couleur les couleur sont homogène et non contraster je ne voit pas comment tu pourrais gagner un golden demon avec cette peinture je mettrais meme 6.5
#299332 Rating: 6 26 Jul 2009
another 10 plus.FOR THE EMPEROR
#270758 Rating: 10 23 Sep 2008
simply amazing...
#256194 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2008
BEAUTIFUL work man! Can i just ask how you photographed it so well? its always a problem for me!!!!!
#239526 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2007
Simple amazing... *_______* Seba
#224279 Rating: 10 17 May 2007
One could assume the wire would be unattached, and clipped in to the back of his helm. Servitors can take any shape, and if his job is just to annoint the bolter with the proper oils, he wouldnt have to be a marine of any kind. If its won a slayer sword, you cant really give it anything other than a 10, so, theres another one.
#216623 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2007
nicely done amazing paint job, just a couple technical comments,,, how does he wear the helmet with the wire attached to his ear? and arnt space marine servitors failed wanna be space marines? This one looks like chucky>






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