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Manufacturer: Ilyad Games
Category: Fantasy

by JacquesAlexandre

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Sculpted and painted for Ilyad Games in 2005 for an entirely new range of barbarians: The Vorag (bad guys). The virago is some sort of psycho virgin warrior.

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#185389 Rating: 10 13 Jul 2006
So many of your works are unbelievably good, but I love this miniature so is just so good, the sculpt is beautiful, and the painting is amazing. I really must paint this myself one day! -sebastian
#162754 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2006
Incredible work, on both the sculpt and the paint job. If the figure were 54mm, the painting would be superb, but at 28mm, it is positively unreal. She reminds me very much of the iconic berserker from Iron Heroes; she could be his equally savage sister. Keep up the amazing work!
#161458 Rating: 10 29 Dec 2005
BARBARIC SPLENDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#160497 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2005
beautiful! I definately want to get my pawns on that one as soon as possible! And the painting is very good as usual.
#158098 Rating: 10 2 Dec 2005
Oué Tibald, un transseskuel en string.. quel merveille cette pièce, c'est pas humain de sculter/peindre comme ca!
#157555 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2005 beautiful ! , a masterpiece

#157506 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2005
Cette figurine est tétra méga mortelle (This mini is mega tetra deadly cool).
#157224 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2005
Oué... ça tue les ours... J ai juste un pb, celui de pas voir les pieds... oué moi suis piédophile. Non j disais ça en fait parce que vu l orientation des genoux et leur écartement, j ai l impression que madame vient de se prendre un gros coup de latte ds les couilles... Donc pour confirmer l impression, j voulais voir si les pieds pointaient vers l intérieur ou pas... Parce que si oui, bein les gars, vôtre fantasme barbare est un transseskuel! Tibald
#157193 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2005
Oh, this eyes!!!
#157146 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2005
De loin mon modèle préféré chez Ilyad, superbe à tout point de vu.






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