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The Green Knight NMM Pose
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by nvstudios

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The Green Knight NMM Pose

The Green Knight NMM Pose

Our version of the Bretonnian hero "The Green Knight" has been done in a non-metallic metal meant to reflect the sky and horizon, as well as his own adornments. A brilliant and vibrant sky has been shown on the upper side of the armor, creating an optical illusion through an amazing series of blended layers. The lower side of the armor shows the earth, done in a more basic manner. It helps tie the knight into reality and why he's wearing armor in the first place. This was a nice change of pace from our usual style, as it's more art than gaming miniature.

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Viewer comments:
#341514 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2011
fantastic details. Fantastic blending, very smooth. Very nice NMM on both horse and rider. Cant see who anyone cna give this below 9.
#332451 Rating: 8 16 Oct 2010
Very nice paint job but doesn't really live up to the hyperbolic description! A solid 8 imo.
#256159 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2008
awesomeness. that sums it up...
#78808 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2004
Best version of the green knight I have ever seen. This is my favourite mini and you have done it a fantastic justice. I have a question, how do you get the pattern on the barding so neat and uniform. Do you use a micro pen or something and draw it on? I have painted this mini a couple of times now and with a paintbrush I just cannot get the vines to look any good, if someone can msg me and let me know that'd be great. Good work!
#50479 Rating: 9 23 Aug 2003
I also love the green knight! (I should make a list of the mini's I love ) good job on him, I guess you got guite tired from painting all those armour plates in SE-NMM (that's why I'm painting normal NMM on mini's with only swords 'n' blades in SE lately.. )
#46616 Rating: 9 25 Jul 2003
Very nice NMM
#38492 Rating: 9 14 May 2003
The helmet is simply amazing - a Dark Chrome look. The details on the barding are awsome as well.
#21418 Rating: 8 2 Dec 2002
tres beau boulot,le jour ou je suis capable d'en faire autant je sabre le champagne
#19896 Rating: 9 16 Nov 2002
Yes. Definately Kali's masterpiece so far! Well done, though I agree with Chris about the banners.
#17617 Rating: 9 26 Oct 2002
Ooooh! Purtyful! This has alwyas been a great mini, and almost any job looks great, but this really does it justice! To me, the banners are a little bland.. mebbe some vines? Just a thought..






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