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Space Marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nano

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Space Marine

Space Marine

I don´t know why but this mini have dissapeared of my gallery this weekend...I repost it because I haven´t more photos of it in my gallery. It´s the same photo that I post some time ago.

The rating doesn´t matter, but the thing that is important is that I have lost all the comments...

This mini won Gold in the spainsh GD 2005. The conversion is made with green stuff and fimo mainly.

Rubén: va por ti!

I will appreciate your comments again, many thanks.

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#404999 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2013
Conversion and painting do a great job of communicating the grimdark of the 41st millennium.
#344568 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2011
Now this is how you do a weathered silver metallic paint job. NMM doesn't come close to the real deal. Love it! Some glowing green ooze coming out of that pipe would of been the icing on the cake tho.
#310881 Rating: 10 17 Dec 2009
very intimidating and futuristic...i love your greenstuff work too!!!!!
#299334 Rating: 6 26 Jul 2009
#253618 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2008
awesome weathering
#214183 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2007
Wow my 2nd 10 this guy freakin rocks dude I was not a big fan of 40K although I must say they were the reason I started this figobssesion again but all I can say is DAMN that is one awe inspiring Mahrineee.
#210181 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2007
Wow! Another great marine! Silver Skulls Chapter maby? Thanks for sharing with us!
#208527 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2006
Stop rubbing it in! your making me cry... all my models are worthless....
#207681 Rating: 10 19 Dec 2006
This is one of my favorite Space Marines, aside from the other one you did with the halbred. The painting is simply perfect and the conversion is great! He looks like a chaplain, overall, an amazing model
#198692 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2006
ufff. mi space marine... esta es una marivilla tio, el cascooo






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