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Dark Elf Prince- Silver GD UK'05
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Albert Moreto Font

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Dark Elf Prince- Silver GD UK'05

Dark Elf Prince- Silver GD UK'05

As i had some problems with the uploading of the old picture i have taken new and better pictures from my Dark Elf model.
Feel free to comment (again if you don't mind )
You can see some more detail and greens here:

ID: 106161

Thanks! Albert

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Viewer comments:
#374774 Rating: 10 2 Aug 2012
A rating of a solid 10+! Incredible painting and it looks very life-like! Dynamic and powerful, it perfectly captures the drama and anger of the Dark Elves!
#211759 Rating: 10 22 Jan 2007
10! i cannot understand why this didnt get gold! ah well never mind... nice work!
#178190 Rating: 10 12 May 2006
Absolutely inspiring, I have sat in awe for many minutes several times now completely cought in the mood you've captured. I'm going to try to make something similar for my son's Dark Elf army (not nearly as beautiful or exactly the same though) Really a treat!
#176598 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2006
So wonderful.... I want to cry
#158889 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2005
De lujo tio,un sobresaliente,como te va el rollo gotico,xdd. Saludos y pinta algo de infinity,xd
#158681 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2005
Very dark and subtle. Love it!

#158665 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2005
Tio m acabo de fijar y la cadena esa que cuelga n el arma es fea de cojones tio, pero bueno supongo que l pusists esa porque es muy jodido sculpir en el aire.
#158634 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2005
10 Points... Really nice Mini...... The Armour on the Horse (head...) is borin, but the rest is amazing... 10 Points...
#158626 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2005
Bueno...pues creo que ya me han quitado todo lo que se podia decir...jajaja....Ya sabes que me encanta y estamos esperando por massss ;-) La verdad es que cuando me dijiste que era un elfo oscuro pensé qué coño irá a hacer este con lo feas que son las minis...jajaja asi que por eso tiene mas mérito aún!
#158592 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2005
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