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hospitalier knight
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Category: Fantasy

by Banshee

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hospitalier knight

hospitalier knight

painted in 3 days with acrilics and layers of oils..

this one is a commision work

I am happy with the result cause black it is a very difficult color in terms of historical way of lighting.. it is difficult to achieve the black lookning withouth using pure black instead of dark greys with red, brown and green tones..

i hope that you like it.


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Viewer comments:
#172246 23 Mar 2006
thaks for your kind comments.. the mini is from romeo models, an italian manufacturer. cheers
#172022 Rating: 10 21 Mar 2006
Exquisite! Such subtle highlighting, and using metallic paints gives such a realistic effect. And GREAT basing! All the qualities I strive for in my minis - hehe. I'm a big fan of historical figures, and this one is incredibly accurate. Can someone please tell me what company makes this piece?
#163474 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2006
Whoa. Not much more I can say. The detail on the chainmail links is awesome, and I love the blood splotches and lighting effects.
#162011 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2006
It is amazing that you are able to achieve such a standard in only 13 hours! I really like the black cloth: great tones, great colors! I like the metallics too, the freehand, and the base: It is very well chosen. Amazing mini!
#161870 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2006
The black clothes really look good. The shading/lighting is very subtle and realistic. What I like most about the cloak though are the stains of snow - I love the effect. Perhaps it would look even better if you had applied more of it on the back of the cloak, but since you spent only 13 hours on it... You know what. The more I look at your mini the more I like it. I really like your style: limited and great executed colour. Last but not least the base! It's one of the best I've seen. Please paint more!!
#161857 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2006
Para de pintar cabrón................
#161789 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2006
Very nice work, the paint job of the black clothes is very realistic with a perfect set up of lights/shadows and a subtle tones variation, lovely!
#161758 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2006
bravo banshee ones are mad (in a positive way ) the black is really amazing! cheers edgar
#161750 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2006
Three days, your first black, an historical mini...very good job. Historical or fantasy you have an style. It's posible that the black need a little more contrast, 9.5 of your hate friend ;D.
#161643 31 Dec 2005
I had liked to put blood in the sword, but JMPN and KARAIKAL said to me that an hospitalier Knight would never put the sword in the case without having cleaned it before .. because as they say, the blood would do that the sword was oxidizing ... though i would have done with blood... another explanation can be that he is a jedi knight and does not need the sword to defeat the enemies .. heheheheh.. thank you all for your comments.. i couldnt do it so much better cause i had to do it only in thre dayss..around less than 13 hours in total. it will be an article in the magazine figure international in a few months






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