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veteran black templar terminator
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by avalon008

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veteran black templar terminator

veteran black templar terminator

franck avalon

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#248523 Rating: 10 25 Jan 2008
After wiping the drool from my keyboard, and popping my eyes back in their sockets, I grabed my Jewelers magnifying glass and tried to read the script lines on this guy. I think they say "This guy is a Bad Mother F#$*er." I normaly dislike highlights on black armor, but you nailed it. And I normaly give 9's not 10's so bravo! Do a whole squad like this!
#208542 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2006
@ bringerofstorms: I think on the same lines: Dead nid= good nid. alive nid = bad nid, this guy= lots of good nids.
#174449 Rating: 10 14 Apr 2006
C'est enervant tellement c'est parfait. J'essaie d'éclaircir le noir mais ca fait pas pareil. tu as des doigts en or !
#168563 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2006
This dude looks like he is brewing a whole bunch of hatred! (hopefully for Nids) Great paint job, and wicked emotion, for such a stable pose. thanks for sharing.
#163086 Rating: 9 11 Jan 2006
The more I look, the better it gets. And yes, it would be really good to know how you did that armour. Sterling stuff.
#162389 Rating: 9 6 Jan 2006
A lot of awsome details... 9 from me. Cheers
#162207 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2006
This one is just SICK!!!!!! I am mostly shocked by the black armor, you realy should write a tutorial about how you paint it that way, it's just GREAT!!! The rest of the miniature is also breath-taking, although I think the picture could be a little bit better and a close-up of the face would also be welcome. However, keep up the AMAZING work!!!






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