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Santa Orc
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Multifracture

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Santa Orc

Santa Orc

I'm posting this for Ginger from paintmyfigures here's over to her:

My christmas challenge entry at The "elves" have ears stuck onto their headbands and swirly embroidery on their hats. The rudolf has a comical clowns red nose on string and a headband addition for antlers and a cream belly. The rest of the boars and wolves where headbands too. I made the sleigh from left overs of a siege engine. The ork is covered in tattoo's. I had a little song to go with this scene:

The clasic santa clause is coming to town wiht a slight twist:

You better watch out u better go hide
You better check the doors im telling u why
Santa Ork is coming to town

He bludgens all the people
he mutilates their spines
he'll do it while your sleeping
and he'll have a a real good time

Oh you better watch out u better go hide
you better not sleep im telling you why
Santa Ork is coming to town

He's made a list he'll checking it twice
He's gonna kill all that he sees tonight
Santa Ork is coming to town

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#207067 Rating: 7 14 Dec 2006
Cute! I love the antlers on the boars (and Rudolph's nose), shades of Max the dog in the grinch. The scene as a whole is fun too, though it'd look a bit more cohesive with the figures integrated into the scene.






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