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by victoria

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This is the finished project started with the brawling orks I posted a few weeks ago and was my WH regiment entry for 2002 GD Oz. The idea came about from reading a lot of ork background material while planning an army. It concists of 16 plastic orks using the wh regiment and some space ork plastics. Every figure has been specificaly converted and posed to be interacting with another, extra bits like the squig and the boss's hand are modeled from greenstuff. While it gives the impression of a diorama I was careful to make sure it was a genuine regiment in gaming terms. It uses four regimental bases whith four orks per base and is complete with champion, stansdard bearer and musican. I was also trying to use more earthy, natrual colours than usually seen on orks and experimented with varied skin tones to give a more wild appearance. I was trying for more of a comedy theme for this year's GD, It was a challenging and fun project.

More pics at.

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Viewer comments:
#466356 Rating: 9 5 Jul 2019
Love it !
#420036 Rating: 10 21 May 2014
#392876 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2013
i loled hard. good job.
#390414 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2013
Stunning even thou this was submitted 10 years ago its still totally amazing to look at
#358154 Rating: 10 14 Dec 2011
just GREAT!!!!!!!
#352955 Rating: 10 20 Sep 2011
facepalm for the win. orks love and hate each other. Great painting.
#344229 Rating: 10 14 Apr 2011
FAIL army, and the boss knows it. Comical yet beautiful, what more do you need!? Great work on another masterpiece!
#335066 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2010
So perfect, considering I think this would nearly five times a day haha. Love the champion facepalming.
#330597 Rating: 10 20 Sep 2010
Hilarious reaction of the boss. Love it
#317380 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2010
Haha! i love this! it's just so representative of orcs! i must say, you did a bang up job of capturing a big aspect of the orc. really love the boss. "there they go again..."






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