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Ork Burna Boy
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Chortos

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Ork Burna Boy

Ork Burna Boy

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#163869 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2006
fantastic work, so detailed! I'm a big fan of orks and this one is tremendous!! imo it would have been perfect if you hadn't used the same colour for the top, the trousers, the stiches on the trousers and the boots...but still an awesome piece of work!
#163273 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2006
Top, top work, in everyway
#163257 Rating: 9 12 Jan 2006
Welcom to barbecu He is a real ork. Where he get the "ЙАД"?
#163230 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2006
really really nice... wow 8)
#163219 Rating: 9 12 Jan 2006
Beautiful job, as Banshee though I have a little problem with the skin... I'm not quite sure what it is... Maybe it could benefit from being darker, or at least chromatically further from the browns in your highlites. The rest is absolutely awesome.
#163212 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2006
When judging mini's there is a huge account for personal tastes. There are different styles and approaches that a judge might like and another might dislike. I love your style, it is absolutely my favorite. I love the subtlety of the palette and the blending. It's neat without being unrealistically "clean" or contrasting. On personal preference alone, irrespective of its technical perfection, it's a 10.
#163099 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2006
I just had a look at the other pices in your gallery, and although each of them is a masterpiece, this is really your best work up to date; the skin is great, the NMM has the necessary realism and the weathering is simply fantastic; I also like the muted realistic colors that perfectly suit an ork; I´d sell my soul to paint like this, if I had one.
#163084 Rating: 9 11 Jan 2006
it is so good.. what i dont lik so much is the skin..but the rest it si beautiful and the little details are superb..congrats..continue the good work!
#163007 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2006
probably the best ork ever seen






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