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Celtos Sidhe Dragon Rider
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by Wappellious

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Celtos Sidhe Dragon Rider

Celtos Sidhe Dragon Rider

It was very odd to look up the I-kore category for listing this piece and see it gone. I really did enjoy all the Kev White sculpts for Celtos and even Void.

These dragon riders are verty, very nice. I love the way the creatures are sculpted. It is a very dynamic pose, and it only involved glueing two pieces together. A welcome contrast to another manufacturer, where a similar figure involved putting together enough pieces to build a time machine

At any rate, I didn't look at any of my usual reptile reference pictures to paint this guy. I wanted to come up with something new. It just sort of evolved into this color scheme. I never expected the dorsal side of the figure to look almost light a "starry sky" spacescape.

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Viewer comments:
#163716 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2006
very nice work ...great color choice and really really nice NMM
#163688 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2006
the lizard is simply stunning. love the colour choice and the overall idea behind it . tjhe only thing that IMO does not fit in is that green dragon thingie on the top of the saddle. amazing piece nonetheless !
#163570 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2006
I love the colour of the dragon. Looks like it would be more at home in the water with colouring like that though!
#163361 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2006
Fantastic work. Love the armour and the lizard skin!

#163336 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2006
I' m crazy about the skin of this dragon!!!! Beautiful colors scheme and great paintjob.. Compliments!
#163310 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2006
Are you possibly the fastest painter on the site Mr Wappel? Incredibly nice and, I get the feeling, you probably did it in double quick time
#163305 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2006
Thats very nice James. I like the colour choices a lot. BTW you can get these and all the Celtos range from Brigade Models.
#163279 Rating: 9 12 Jan 2006
Love it!!!! Not entirely sure about the skin on the rider which is why it's not a 10. That beast is fanbloodytastic though! I am so with Cindy on this, I'm going to steal your idea for the mount too, at least, I'm gonna attempt it! Fantastic work!
#163254 Rating: 9 12 Jan 2006
I particularly like the beast and the blade. Colour scheme on the beast works really well for me. Slightly less keen on the rider.
#163235 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2006
The whole thing looks great but I absolutely love that dragon/beasty. I might even steal your idea for it... not that I think I could pull it off though... ah well. Anyway... loving it.






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