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Emperor's Children Captain, Pre-Heresy Ver.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by QiaoZhong

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Emperor's Children Captain, Pre-Heresy Ver.

Emperor's Children Captain, Pre-Heresy Ver.

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#422033 Rating: 10 20 Jun 2014
Cool my friend!
#390532 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2013
Arrhhhh! Silly voting! Sorry, you deserve a 10!!
#390531 Rating: 6 16 Feb 2013
I love your style!
#285500 Rating: 9 26 Feb 2009
i ain't a fan of NMMs which is why i was really surprised about how much i love this mini. really exceelent attention to detail of Saul Tarvitz pic from visions of war even down to the very obscured chest plate and his head plate. really refreshing to see a good HH miniature and NOT a primarch. keep it up bub.
#221788 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2007
Wow...I love the purple, real strong colours, you sir, are a genius! Although the NMM could have gone a highlight lighter
#208424 Rating: 10 25 Dec 2006
I am NOT very fond of primarchs and seeing one VERY BADLY done makes me HATE them even more. I REALLY HATE how this one turned out, specially his (the captain's) color scheme really makes him stand DOWN from other marines (loyalists at that time)... I HATE how the freehands and NMMs turned out for this one as well, BAD job on these. Giving a 10 is the WORST I can give, I really HATE giving it an 11 or 12 if the ratings allow it
#187698 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2006
Very nice, alot better then some people's scratch built Primarchs thats for sure!
#182792 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2006
this thing PWNS
#179188 Rating: 10 21 May 2006
Great color, great painting, wow.
#177187 Rating: 10 4 May 2006
Totally awesome. I think that he resembles Saul Tarvitz, Emperor`s Children character from Horus Heresy. Great painting and conversion skills






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