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Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer
Manufacturer: Wyrd
Category: Steampunk

by EricJ

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Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer

Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer

Another Mini for Wyrd Games, sculpted by the ever talented Edgar Ramos (ergman).

You can see his green version


I figured my last paint job was 4 paint pots...why not go one fewer? This was painted with just Black, Skull White, and Enchanted Blue. The sculpt also seemed to call for a strong OSL effect, and I wanted to play around more with the water reflection effect, so with all those 3 things in mind...this is what I came up with.

The goal of the limited palate was to create a feeling of a very dark scene, so dark you pretty much can no longer diferentiate color, but then the only light source being a blue light, it becomes the only color you can see.

The base for this one is all freehand painting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one, comments and critique are always welcomed.


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Viewer comments:
#226844 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2007
a masterpiece 10++
#216821 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2007
Sei un genio! La miniatura e'scolpita da te?

#204984 Rating: 9 30 Nov 2006
The OSL is awesome and I understand you wanted to go simple 3 pallette however for me at least I was unable to reconcile the shading on the back of the figs. top notch though
#199871 Rating: 10 19 Oct 2006
awesome paint job, I just dont like the guy's hair but then again, your not the one I should be complaining to =) I love the lettering on the back and the lighting from the object is great!
#198543 Rating: 10 9 Oct 2006
Well what i wonder it's is the reflection (like water) painted or is it the picture that make it to If it is painted then it's just UNBELEVABLE
#196617 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2006
Hot 10 spot.
#193538 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2006
wow wonderful Job... i know it wouldnt work for judging here... but a pic of this where the background is completely black so all you can see is the painted bits with some chilling poem or saying would make an awesome poster...
#188867 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2006
You rulezzzz!!! Great miniature, the most beautiful mini on your amazing gallery! You're a genius!!!
#187783 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2006
Nothing to say except: 10.
#187706 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2006
Absolutly stunning work! It's incredible and impossible ti copy... Only 10 for this one)






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