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Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer
Manufacturer: Wyrd
Category: Steampunk

by EricJ

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Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer

Ramos, Steampunk Sorcerer

Another Mini for Wyrd Games, sculpted by the ever talented Edgar Ramos (ergman).

You can see his green version


I figured my last paint job was 4 paint pots...why not go one fewer? This was painted with just Black, Skull White, and Enchanted Blue. The sculpt also seemed to call for a strong OSL effect, and I wanted to play around more with the water reflection effect, so with all those 3 things in mind...this is what I came up with.

The goal of the limited palate was to create a feeling of a very dark scene, so dark you pretty much can no longer diferentiate color, but then the only light source being a blue light, it becomes the only color you can see.

The base for this one is all freehand painting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one, comments and critique are always welcomed.


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Viewer comments:
#165230 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
Eric, are you never going to amaze us? Fantastic bleding and OSL, and I really love the reflection on the water. Masterpiece!
#165229 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
wow!! what a great mini! I love the water effect, I´m agree with Banshee, we want a tutorial!! Incredible blending and cromatic effect.
#165213 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
bloody brilliant. the osl is awesome (althoug i feel it would look better is his back was a little darker. that reflection is disturbingly good. shame, i don't think i could do this mini justice now...
#165196 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
The fact that you can paint a reflection of your finished mini, like on your Blue Lotus and Dark Maiden shows your talent. This one is no exception. The OSL and reflection make this one of my very favorite minis. Next time, maybe paint ripples ;-P
#165180 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
my mouth is open and i cannot close it. you should do a tutorial of those water effects please.. i need to know it. please pleas..if you dont do it you will not enter in heaven
#165176 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
#165175 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
I rarely comment, but I feel compelled in this case to tell you that I know what you were trying to do and you were very successful. It is simple, yet so commanding. Very brave representation of the sculpt. Very nice.
#165166 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
The black is highlighted perfectly,great atmosphere!And the base, omg...straight to favourites!
#165163 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
you have been a great inspiration over the past year, and this is amazing stuff! not so much the idea of using an extremely limited colour palette, but the execution dropped my jaw. so much atmospehere with just 3 colours. My deepest admiration !
#165126 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2006
Personally speaking, that's one of the best miniatures I have ever seen. Keep the 3 pots and sell the rest - you don't need them






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