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Cypher Lukhan
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by beltane

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Cypher Lukhan

Cypher Lukhan

Commission work.
Unluckily the metal of this mini was very damaged (especially the clothes at the back and the arm armour on the front) so i had to work hard on it.
For give a more insects-idea I decided to paint the stings very dark and then polish a lot.
On the whole I found some inspiration from nippo-videogame I'm playing during recent times (Onimusha 2)

Thanks to everybody for take a look and comments.

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Viewer comments:
#167102 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2006
An amazing mini, the skin is fantastic and original, beautiful freehands and great metals...and in real life It is also better!! A rank under 9 for this mini is a shame IMO! But we all know how CMON ranking work...
#166864 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2006
Great skin and metallics! Great job!!!!
#166542 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2006
hmm...I can´t understand the rating of this mini. I deserve you 9.3 or more for this one! It has great freehands, amazing metallics and incredible and different skin tones. I want it!!! where the people are looking for?!? I would like to meet you one day -Saul-
#165681 Rating: 10 28 Jan 2006
Very good work, in particular I like the skin that is amazing and the metal effect! Bravissimo!
#165672 Rating: 10 28 Jan 2006
simply a fantastic work like always... don't mind... you are one of the best. we know. and we are with you.
#165632 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2006
ho sempre meno parole per esprimere quello che vedo.... anzi te dico tutto1 in una sola parola: FANTASTICO! Sei un mito
#165628 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2006
WoW!!! The metal work is amazing... as usual! 10!
#165600 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2006
Continuo a chiedermi quali demoni muovono le tue mani.....Grandissimo 10 strameritato...potevi postare anche solo l'arma e ti avrei dato lo stesso 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!
#165586 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2006
You have done a great job on that skin! I really love the way you have detailed it, especially the scorpion-tailed arm. The red trouser is amazing as well, but the skirt and the details are not at this very same level... you should try a REAL flat finish on the metals to make them looking nice in photo as they are in reality (and to make the life of your Pirifool a bit easier! ). You have to do more of this cool stuff instead of those boring bretonnian! (just joking!)
#165577 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2006
Fantastic job, love the skin!!!Grande lavoro Matt , continua così....e non demordere!!!






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