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Legio Custodes - Emperor's Inner Guard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by FFdesign

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Legio Custodes - Emperor's Inner Guard

Legio Custodes - Emperor's Inner Guard

The Legio Custodes was the Emperor's personal bodyguard. They are his most loyal and trusted servant. A detachment of the guard always accompanies the Emperor, even when he retires to is private chambers.
During the 31st millenium they were equiped with the finest heavy battle power armour. Element of the armour can be found on the Grey Knight of later. At the death of the Emperor the Custodes replaced their ceremonial red with black.
This figure represents a cerimonial guard of the golden throne.
The silver was painted with the NMM

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Viewer comments:
#271351 Rating: 10 30 Sep 2008
This is awesome, any heretic would soil his pants at the sight of such a warrior!
#254586 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2008
Wow this is the best custodes model I've seen!! I think I've figured out most of the major bits for this conversion. The flamer weapon (very cool btw!!) is made out of a Terminator Thunder Hammer, a SM flamer, and the creature head is from the Old Chaos vehicle Demon bits (you can find it on the war store) plus maybe part of an axe or some power weapon to make the shaft extending below his right hand longer. I think the helm is made from the Swooping Hawks wings, and the shoulder pads could be a combination of the Ork Boyz Riveted Shoulder pads plus green stuff. His belt buckle? is from the space marine command squad sprue I think. And I think the head is from the Space Marine Company Champion. I have no idea how the shield was made, maybe all green stuff. I'm going to try to recreate this model, hopefully I can make it a fraction as good as this one! Lemme know if anyone has any other thoughts, or correct me if I'm wrong! Great work by the way!!
#236224 Rating: 10 22 Sep 2007
wow thant awsome
#216629 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2007
9 and a half, the modle dosnt look like you finished painting it,, not sure or it is lack of contrast, awsome mini
#214511 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2007
Super cool.
#212994 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2007
Simply Incredible ! Terrific NMM !
#205065 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2006
WOW, thats just a great peice of work, your realy good at NMM!
#204721 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2006
Amazing! Just amazing! Keep up the good work!
#201121 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2006
must tear eyes away... failing.... failing... too pretty to stop looking... arrrgh!!!
#193008 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2006
That is spectacular!






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