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Phlebas Alessandro Rorken, Master of the Ordo Xenos
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by FFdesign

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Phlebas Alessandro Rorken, Master of the Ordo Xenos

 Phlebas Alessandro Rorken, Master of the Ordo Xenos

The greatest threat to the Imperium of Man is, and has always been, the followers of Chaos and the foul Daemons of the Warp. The Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus are at war with forces too terrible to comprehend and, together with the holy warriors of the Grey Knights, they must take the light of the Emperor into the darkness. The threat of the Daemonic is so great that only these heroic warriors have the necessary skills and knowledge to stand against such diabolic foes.

This figure represent Lord Phlebas Alessandro Rorken, the Master of the Ordo Xenos Helican

Gold at Italian GD 2005,monster category.
The mini was painted wih the NMM

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#228654 Rating: 9 3 Jul 2007
How come your description is about the Ordo Malleus (Anti-daemon/chaos) but your figure is Ordo Xenos (Anti-alien) ...? Nice work tho
#175473 Rating: 10 22 Apr 2006
Un style jamais vu ailleurs! Quelle magnifique pièce!
#168262 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2006
IMO another of my favorite pieces. Incredible work. The oxidation effect is astonishing... a 8.9 a little bit underscored but is my opinion. Overall a beautifull piece
#168044 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2006
I saw it in real life and it's really a great mini!!! A well deserved gold!
#167963 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2006
superb colors. allan
#167877 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2006
really interesting
#167850 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2006
Great work! Nice colors and freehand!
#167781 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2006
Ottimo pezzo Fabrizio, continuo a rimanere impressionatao dall'effetto "ossido" del metallo.
#167779 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2006
NIce freehand and good color choice. I'd like to see a bigger picture.






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