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Constantin Valdor, Chief Custodian
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by FFdesign

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Constantin Valdor, Chief Custodian

Constantin Valdor, Chief Custodian

The Legio Custodes was the Emperor's personal bodyguard. They are his most loyal and trusted servant. A detachment of the guard always accompanies the Emperor, even when he retires to is private chambers.
During the 31st millenium they were equiped with the finest heavy battle power armour. Element of the armour can be found on the Grey Knight of later. At the death of the Emperor the Custodes replaced their ceremonial red with black.
This figure represent Constantin Valdor, chief Custodian
The mini was painted wih the NMM

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Viewer comments:
#355095 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2011
very nice, i wonder how cool he would look done in NMM
#260248 Rating: 10 29 May 2008
This is just godly. I want this and all the Primarchs and the Emperor minis on my shelf! :S
#207852 Rating: 10 20 Dec 2006
i don't think it's legal to be this jealous, please please please do more!!!! i absolutely love it
#204723 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2006
Sweet as dude! Just awesome!
#202266 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2006
I saw it at Lucca. Even better live. Deserve only 10.
#197594 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2006
i love this mini! very impressiv!very good job...
#190721 17 Aug 2006
No, it's a my conversion, only Michaelor Cobernus is Scibor's conversion.
#177426 Rating: 10 7 May 2006
Is this one of Scibor's conversions? (Great job regardless)
#176885 Rating: 10 2 May 2006
Another jawdropping NMM from you Could you please tell me what colours did you use for gold nmm? Regards
#175928 Rating: 10 25 Apr 2006
he's a Custodian right? Can you send him my way cuz I think I just crapped my pants.






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