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Dark Apostle Hierophaen
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by automaton

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Dark Apostle Hierophaen

Dark Apostle Hierophaen

(this is a repost, with better pics.) This was my entry for the Australian Golden Daemon 2005. It is a chaos conversion based on the marine veteran with the axe, with a few leftover bits from other miniatures and some greenstuff. It won the 40k single miniature category, and much to my surprise and excitement, also won the slayer sword. Thanks again to everyone I met on the day at Parramatta, for their encouragement, good words and friendliness - it was great to finally meet you all!

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#274711 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2008
#170875 Rating: 10 11 Mar 2006
Amazing piece of converting and painting,truly remarkable.Oozes malevolance and violence. GOD bless ........VINCENTI
#170004 Rating: 10 4 Mar 2006
One of my favourite minis on this site. IMPRESSIVE!
#169252 Rating: 10 27 Feb 2006
That's a masterpiece on my opinion! Great freehands, congratulation!
#169137 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2006
Got to say that this is really inspirational. I wonder how you pull off those full detailed eyes.. I'm trying, but for me the eyes tend to look "too busy" but not for you. I like the conversion, the face is especially memorable and gives a nice focuspoint. I think you managed to keep it all together and pull off one of the best 40k minis I've seen in a long while. Excellent freehand as well. 10/10 no question, and congratulations in winning the SS! All the best, Sven
#169024 Rating: 10 25 Feb 2006
they are not dremel cutting wheels. they were WFB plastic shields.
#168971 Rating: 9 25 Feb 2006
lol, nice work, i especially like the dremel cutter wheels as weapon it fits chaos so well... DREMEL is mean, dremel cuts fingers
#168768 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2006
This looks really good. I like it a lot, especially the amount of detail there is in it. Tony; what's this about a mold line on the horses' skull? I've looked and looked and i cant see anything there.
#168755 23 Feb 2006
thank you for the find comments, fluffy i am a great admirere of your work. Tony Manero, I asure you there is no mould line on the horse skull!
#168728 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2006
love the banner!






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