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Engra DeathSword
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by Raffaele Stumpo

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Engra DeathSword

Engra DeathSword

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#275505 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2008
Hi, really awesome conversion! I'd love to see the painted version! Greetz, Jonathan
#273403 Rating: 10 23 Oct 2008
sempre più geniale... è stato un onore conoscerti al gd 2008
#270498 Rating: 10 21 Sep 2008
A chaos players wetdream turned reality... this is nothing but mindblowing! More like 11-12 (and not even adding "Chaos rules"-bonus)!
#257316 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2008
love this piece cant wait to see it painted. and to the 2 or 3 people who said its too massive you should really look into the stories and books about warhammer (not 40k) the chaos armies are meant to look massive. in order to instill fear into their enemies on the battlefield. i mean cmon if you saw this guy and you had full space marine armor would you go up against him? HELL NO id prolly shit myself and jump pack the hell out of there lol this is B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!
#243269 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2007
My voting is more a 9.5 > verry good conversion, I like the details, the sword, the basin!!! But the cloak is not rotten enougth an same opinion like kowlown: Looks too massive... But all in one a great green I love it!
#203739 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2006
My god. I've wanted to see someone sculpt this guy since I first saw the pic in the Chaos army book. I WANT IT!!!
#203346 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2006
WOW!! O_O this is amazing.. really nice done, but the shoulders are a bit to massive, but it'sdetails my friend... details
#185194 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2006
There's amazing...there's freakin awesome...there's oh my god I'm gonna wee and then there is this.........damn
#183197 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2006
I'd give this a 20 if the scoring could go that high.
#169824 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2006
Outstanding GS work. Amazing conversion. I'm glad I don't have to paint it.






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