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Big smasha-Ork gargant
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Nark

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Big smasha-Ork gargant

Big smasha-Ork gargant

this is a uge war machine ,its a Titan that i made from scratch , u can see the sise if u notice the shooter above the missile launcher , thats a normal plastic Ork

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#310341 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2009
#295706 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2009
Amazing work man, very f... good work. You are greate construction.
#255600 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2008
Oops. I thought it was Epic Scale, but she's just a BIG momma. Still Awesome.
#255599 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2008
Awesome scratchbuilt! Wish there were more folks modeling in Epic scale.
#195281 Rating: 10 14 Sep 2006
#172013 Rating: 10 21 Mar 2006
Holy cow. This is why I love the hobby. This is imaginative, well done, and fun. It's more orky than anything I've seen from GW (not a jab). It's hard to believe you put that together from scratch. It's a 10!!!!
#171869 20 Mar 2006
well, if u whant to see more u go to my site , i have a work in progress doc there
#171822 Rating: 9 20 Mar 2006
9.5 Now this is how gargants should look! Bulky and ramshackle but it looks like it really could walk. Too many great ideas to compliment but the cockpit is specially imaginative.
#171769 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2006
Incredible! Don't give GW the credit, this is an amazing build! I love the "spheres" motif, and the little grots running around.
#171731 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2006
that must've taken years to put together! amazing! everything on this model just screams "orky"! I looove the belly on this one






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