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Legione Mk. VII
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by kingazog


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Legione Mk. VII

Legione Mk. VII

Here I'm Again! My "little" tank. Entirely scratchbuilt with tons of GW bits.
rating is welcome.
Thanks to all

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#209131 Rating: 8 2 Jan 2007
@ Pariah: lol well said. Although I agree with nerdman that the bits could have been used for something "better", it is obvious how much work went into this piece and the amount of detail involved However, in NO way would I say that the pieces were WASTED. Nice
#200958 Rating: 9 27 Oct 2006
Ok, where to begin. Oh yeah... Rude people. Scoring a scratchbuilt piece a 2 because you think its a "waste of bits" is just about the lamest heap of yak crap I have heard. The hobby is about being creative, and this, is very obviously, a creation. Also, I do agree that picks could be better, however, when you consider the size, it would be extremely difficult to get a photograph of the entire thing, and as for posting several different picks seperately, again, when you consider the size, if he had put them all in one entry, you would get the people complaining about it being "too much to scroll through" or some such. Look at the picks, rate it based off the quality of work that you can see as best you can, dont be rude just because someone may not have the best camera available to them, be a good photographer, or post seperate pics. And I just cant help but to comment again to you "Nerdman", for you to actually say that you are giving it a 2 because he didnt build something for an army that YOU like, well... you dont need to be allowed to vote, because you obviously dont understand how to view a model objectively, without BIAS. Its a very nice piece of work, as reflected by the overall score, it must have been quite an undertaking to build it. Lots of detail, as seen throughout the other photos, and a well done paint job as well. Keep up the work Kingazog, and dont let some moronic comment by a magoo bother you. I also dont see where the comments about being able to play with it come from, because, well, helllooo, Warhound Titan anyone, anyone....Yeah... *shakes head* Anyways, sorry for the extra-long comment, but, I was overwhelmed with the need to put someone in there place. ^_~
#190565 Rating: 2 16 Aug 2006
I dont rate things based on size. this tank prettty much to me is a HUGE waste of good and awesome bits - are you going to play that? Pleeeaaase you could have made some awesome things with these bitz - like make Wartrukks for orks, or vehicles for LatD, or some awesome scenery... not mention the size of the picture - I cant even see any detail - and thats what the hobby is about... I give you a 2 because you wasted all these amazing bitz - watching this is just as hurtful as watching ruined models in the lowest rated part of the site... zAk
#175621 Rating: 9 23 Apr 2006
So here I am again. As you might know, I rate most of the close ups of the tank with "1" for there don´t need to be this much of them. As I (sadly) now know nearly every detail of your amazing model, I can rate this "9". Just a tip: this picture just a litte closer and then maybe 2-3 collages with detail shots would raise the score of your pictures a lot!
#172353 Rating: 8 23 Mar 2006
cool. some detail shots would be nice.
#172165 Rating: 8 22 Mar 2006
It's HUGE!!! What are the stat lines on that thing? I doubt anyone will let you use it in a game. That chimera looks puny in compared to the legione mk. vii. Well, excellant scratch building, and keep up the good work!






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