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Night Goblin Army
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Night Goblin Army

Night Goblin Army

This is my Night Goblin army which I painted back in 1997 in traditional 'eavy metal style. Painted in my spare time over a period of about 6 months.

The army as it is presented on the display base counts 133 models, although I have added some more at a later time to make it more usable for gaming. Speaking of gaming the army was created in the WFB 5th ed. days which explains the way the squigs are arranged.

After I had photographed the army my 2-years-old daugther inspected the painting standard on a few of the figures! Luckily, she picks up and holds the figures by the base (most of the time!).

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Viewer comments:
#360782 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2012
Perfect army ... that's exactly what goblins should be!
#352954 Rating: 10 20 Sep 2011
Really Cool. 10 Points. I like the whole complex. It looks great and you can still play.
#339660 Rating: 10 2 Feb 2011
awesome painted! Especially that pink fluffy girl / dwarf thingie. nice shades on the skincolors!
#336274 Rating: 10 11 Dec 2010
In the second last pic there is a night goblin sticking up the finger!
#326599 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2010
This is the army that got me hooked on Orcs and Goblins, and Night Goblins in perticular! I remember seeing it at age 14 (or so, back in the day anyhow) and I just couldn't take my eyes from it. I've lost the White Dwarf in wich it was featured, and been searching for it for the last year or so, and I'm so glad I found it! You rock man, thanks to you I'm in this mess!
#307198 Rating: 10 3 Nov 2009
I myself play a goblin army and have seen quite alot of goblins, but this is by far the best I have ever seen, probobly the very best in existens at the moment. Perfect.
#287346 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2009
You already know how i feel. Such an inspiration! -=Andrew=-
#268762 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2008
Amazing! one of my favorite armys.
#250355 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2008
wonderful army! I really like old goblins
#213257 Rating: 10 2 Feb 2007
I love this army, IMO the older night gobbos have alot more character than the new ones. I'm still hunting for more of these, they are not easy to come by. Great Job!






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