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Night Goblin Army
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Night Goblin Army

Night Goblin Army

This is my Night Goblin army which I painted back in 1997 in traditional 'eavy metal style. Painted in my spare time over a period of about 6 months.

The army as it is presented on the display base counts 133 models, although I have added some more at a later time to make it more usable for gaming. Speaking of gaming the army was created in the WFB 5th ed. days which explains the way the squigs are arranged.

After I had photographed the army my 2-years-old daugther inspected the painting standard on a few of the figures! Luckily, she picks up and holds the figures by the base (most of the time!).

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Viewer comments:
#173739 Rating: 10 6 Apr 2006
I realy do love whaagh. I have more than 8000 pts orcs and goblins but your huge army diorama is awesome. bravo.
#173707 Rating: 10 6 Apr 2006
#173691 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
That army is one of the things that got me back into painting! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing that awesome work.
#173666 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
That settles it, when the new Fantasy Orcs stuff comes out I'm doing a Gobbo army just like this for color scheme. I love it so much
#173661 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
I think it is great to see such well painted armies (your chaos as well), and I wish people put out more of them. Painting 130+ figs takes a whole other set of skills, no less impressive, compared to doing just one - mostly patience and an aversion to day light.
#173633 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
Now that's a trip down memory lane! I love this army! Always have - always will!
#173622 Rating: 9 5 Apr 2006
nice work jakob. a true blast from the past, it still stands the test of time as well.
#173620 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
jakob!! i still remember when i saw this army for the 1st time in the GW book they published... i couldnt believe! it is still my favourite army, no doubt, i just love it... every single mini has so much character, plus all the goblins are old models, i like those much more than the actual ones... u deserve a 10, and ur daughter is so cute! cya! albert
#173614 Rating: 9 5 Apr 2006
By sure your daughter is your best mini . Jokes apart, a perfect army. Maybe it lacks of originality, but your EM style is anyway adorable.
#173608 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2006
GREAT! i love your army. i saw it in the white dwarf, right? this was one reason that i start with my goblin army for about 7 years ago. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!






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