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catachan ogryin view 2
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Banshee

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catachan ogryin view 2

catachan ogryin view 2

i sculpted and peinted it a few months ago. i hope that you like it. it is all done with milliput+ green stuff.. i wanted to do a characterfull ogryin,with the influence of the face of bruce willis and shrek (the green ogre).. it is my personal vision of that strange mixture. i spent about 2 weeks to sculpt and another one to pain..more or less..

the process of the banner is explained step b step in the andrea book of how to paint fantasy miniatures..

this one is dedicated to eva, arango, jose and freddy. i love them.

and to people like patrick bini,david w, cyril, olmo, alex, luc, albert, iago, toni, nano, and all of those who encourages me so much.

another view:

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Viewer comments:
#219468 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2007
#212492 Rating: 6 27 Jan 2007
Veramente bello!!! 10++
#204214 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2006
10+ especially now that I know your age O____o man you are "amazing"......
#204048 21 Nov 2006
thanks to all...jejejejej AAAAdriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...eres un crack!! araziiiños!!
#203999 Rating: 10 21 Nov 2006
Preciosa, perfectamente ambientada, original, y con un estandarte que por mucho que algunos digan SI podría estar en un museo. De las mejores singles del planeta, solo superada por el mayor Rawny.
#200236 Rating: 10 22 Oct 2006
cmon just let me give you a ten your work earns a 15, if I could do so! F A N T A S T I C ! ! !
#198999 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2006
This a fine exemple of when a figure can seem alive!
#194906 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2006
i look at your stuff and i want to throw up....this is so awesome. Everything about it. Its so real. you sculpting is SO WICKEDLY GOOD! i come back to your gallery again and again to check up on all the awesomeness you are doing. What is most delicious is the progression of your skills, you started off humbly good, and now rip roar with just total and complete domination. you hurt my self esteem with your greatness sir.
#189480 Rating: 10 10 Aug 2006
Hacía un año que no veia una miniatura tuya y sigo pensando igual... Eres el MEJOR! Un saludo
#187700 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2006
Veeeeeery nice! Totally unique and exellent freehand!!! One thing...Ever wondered what a fatass Vin Deisel would look like in "Perfect Dark"?! =D






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