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blood pact- gold and slayersword france 2006
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Banshee

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blood pact- gold and slayersword france 2006

blood pact- gold and slayersword france 2006

it was my last mini. it is 54mm scale.
it is inspired in a concept art based on the blood pact, a chaos troop from the novels of dann abnett.. one of my favourite book saga. i love this books..They are described in detail in UK White Dwarf 293.

The blood pact is formed by khorne cultists. they're disciplined troops and that is their greater danger and the reason why they became the biggest nightmare of the empire during the worlds of sabbat's "crusade..hey used to bring funny masks and redish clothes, in the most part of the cases dyed with the blood of their victims. Their bodies were full of ritual scars and self-inflicted wounds as consecration to their leaders and their god.

i thought it was a troop full of character and so good to represent something with a special scary and disgusting feeling..

the scars are drawn except the 2 principal ones of the face that are amixture of freehand and sculpt scar.

i sculpted all with milliput , green stuff and a mixture of both materials..the base of the back pack comes from the eldar ranger of inkisitor. It was painted with vallejo and citadel and oils to do some tones at last.

around 80 hours of scluptwork , cause i should redo a lot of parts, cause is my first 54 scale and it was a learning process to try to do some at that scale.. and a week to paint

it won gold at prestige and the slayersword on the last french golden demon 2006. it was a dream ...really more than a dream i could never imagine.. and it was a real pleasure to compite against some of the best masters like allan carrasco and kirill kanaev (yellow one) and all of other great painters and good friends (deucalion brothers, jmpn, karaikal, elroi, david w, borgio, axel de m, romain, yannik, and a lot of people more).

i dedicate it specially to EVA and my family (who they always believe in me and that encourages me a lot), Arango (you are my brother), Jose (jmpn- my jedi master) and freddy, the spanish team, and all the people who made me feel one of the most emotive and happy moments of my 22 years (allan c -great in all the moments)
Always I am going to remember the appreciation of the people, which they behaved with me as real friends, companions and with ellegance, politeness, respect and especially that made me taste the moment better than I had never imagined .. indeed, thank you very much.

special thanks my friends of andrea who give me suport, materials, plasticard tubes jejejeje (rafa , milliput and pieces for the terrain like the resin (-joakin and cia) and of course to david (satanas) and lili, who let us to live with them for a few days and the do all way they needed to stay confortable are a really good friends.. and to jeremie- it was so special to take the sword from your hands. thanks

sorry if it sounds melodramatic, but i feel the necessity to write it.

other wiev :



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Viewer comments:
#203899 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2006
I saw this in White Dwarf and I must say their picture did not do it justice, after seeing it from different views I have to say; Well Done! youve done a great job recreating the drawing
#186216 Rating: 10 19 Jul 2006
Otro 10... por cierto, cada vez que miro las fotos me da la impresión de que se ha movido un poquito... vigílala por las noches
#178486 Rating: 10 15 May 2006
Outstanding!!! I especially like the little details, such as the broken glass in the window. Best I'll ever see.
#176964 Rating: 10 3 May 2006
Congratulations. It was nice quickly meeting you and the rest of the spanish team in france. Great realism in the character Sanjay
#176548 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2006
a well deserved sword for this masterpiece!! congratulation, CIAO...
#176483 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2006
Merece más nota...
#176285 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2006
A very very great mini... Congratulations for the sword!!!! personally, I prefered allan's mini, to be frank, however yours is great too and your are a cool guy, so I am really happy for you!!!! Your mini was among the most fantastic of the contest, nobody can deny it!!!!! congrats again!!! tan
#176126 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2006
Un momento privilegiado....
#176118 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2006
Me parece mucho premio, pero realmente tu mini es muy buena, cuanto más la miro más me gusta. Has trabajado muy bien a 54 mm., creo q el ambiente, la luz y elmovimiento le dan a la mini "algo más"... las manos colgando simplemente me encantan. Estoy flipando de cómo estás progresando, sólo felicitarte por haber entrado a formar parte de las leyendas, me alegré mucho por todos vosotros y tb por tí. Tu mini es sensacional... la de Allan es perfecta, pero esta tiene carácter. Saborea tu gloria pues cuesta mucho estar tan arriba, felicidades campeón.
#176115 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2006
Que comentarte que ya no te hayan dicho.Es una maravilla,pierde muchisimo en foto; sobre todo despues de verla en twt. Espero verte en el leon. Saludos






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