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Chaos Beastman of Nurgle
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Chaos Beastman of Nurgle

Chaos Beastman of Nurgle

Converted using basic beastman plastic parts as well as greenstuff and some Brettonia bitz and the odd Ogre Kingdoms engraved stone. I used various things from the garden to construct and decorate the base.

Both painting- and conversion-wise I tried to create a subtle Nurgle model without too much rot and decay. I Hope you like it.

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Viewer comments:
#338741 Rating: 9 22 Jan 2011
Hang on! 2006?? Stupid browser; I'm supposed to be looking at *recent* submissions. Sorry, Jakob.
#338740 Rating: 9 22 Jan 2011
Really superior work and subtle converting. Definitely going to be a BftP in due course.
#184241 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2006
Oh crap I hate it when it does that A 10 of course.
#184239 Rating: 6 4 Jul 2006
So much character. Love the rabbit, subtle conversions all round are fantastic. Sublime. On my favourites list! I think this is the second comment I have posted, but oh well. This model is so freaking cool!
#181259 Rating: 10 6 Jun 2006
Wow...this guy does Pappa Nurgle PROUD! I love his lunch on his belt, and the pustules...subtle but definitely tainted!!
#181060 Rating: 10 5 Jun 2006
You sure do like chaos!
#177397 Rating: 10 7 May 2006
mmmmmmmmmmmm! Simple and perfectly done! Everything about it 'works'. The conversion, the colour scheme, the base. Sublime.
#176708 Rating: 10 1 May 2006
Stunning indeed, the figure is quite simply and you really made something out of it, unusual for nurgle but I really never liked the messy stuff, this is so much more fitting; the wood on the shield is amazing, could you tell us the colors you used, I´ve never seen something like this.
#176616 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2006
Everything is just perfect on this mini, and the metals are as great as usual. I love the pose and expression, it gives him a lot of character. Cheers, Mikkel.
#176570 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2006
Simple perfection.






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