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Sanguinius - Primarch Of The BLOOD ANGELS
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by FFdesign

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Sanguinius - Primarch Of The BLOOD ANGELS

Sanguinius - Primarch Of The BLOOD ANGELS

The model is superbly sculpted by Pete Shepheard and totally painted in NMM.

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Viewer comments:
#355391 Rating: 9 3 Nov 2011
Lovely, lovely armor.
#278414 Rating: 10 15 Dec 2008
to sanguinius: its been some time since you left the message about my sanguinius, though i just saw it for the first time tonight. so if yo ever read this. i made my sanguinius before the HH book had been published, and as for my other primarchs i like to use this thing called imagination something we all learned about growing up. some of use lose it and replace it with someone else's. i revel in mine, feed off it. i do this as art and as art i feel that no one can ever have a monopoly on it and have the right to ever tell me how i should interrupt my own imagination and artistic vision. so i will tell you what i told my art teacher who thought much like you do..."fuck off you close mided one trick pony!!!" there now i feel better. oh and did you ever thing i make them different just to get a rise out of the folks who think there is only one way to see something. be well
#230230 Rating: 10 23 Jul 2007
the best Sanguinius I've ever seen!!!
#183890 Rating: 9 30 Jun 2006
An amazing mini not at all marred by monkeys squabbling in the comments section The "satin finish" NMM looks great, like laquered gold or brass. The wing feathers actually appear "soft" - amazing! The face looks slightly inhuman, which I understand Primarchs are supposed to be...
#183209 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2006
The pictures do not do the figure justice at all. A true masterpiece.
#180589 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2006
Very good painting on this figure, especially the light effect on the NMM and the gems. The wings also have a nice delicate look to them. Great work!
#178821 Rating: 10 17 May 2006
Finally my piece numbered 45 arrived I got it in my hands now and I am speechless. This Sanguinius looks 100% better in real world, this picture cannot describe how this mini looks. It`s amazing totally amazing.
#177432 Rating: 10 7 May 2006
No ,Tony Manero it is you who is mistaken. Raffaele Stumpo`s Sanguinius comes second it was the best one till this sculpt came out. You complaint about short sword, look at Raf. Stu. mini it has even smaller sword that looks ridiculous and another thing that puts it down allot is the use of this poor plastic head casting, which the sculptor also used on his version of The Emperor ( quite astounding indeed ,minus the head) . This head alone disqualifies it for me. No offence of course but such masterclass sculptor could have done better. Regards.
#177196 Rating: 9 5 May 2006
no, definitly not a good sculpture (bear is ridicoulus as the short sword) the best one is the one from Stumpo Raffaele, not this one.
#177049 Rating: 10 3 May 2006
Ahhh you`re just jealous because your Sanguinius is just a mere conversion mostly innacurate and cannot be even compared with this masterpiece. On your model you used psycannon. Sanguinius didn`t have one and typical force sword which is ridiculous for a primarch. Buy yourself a horus heresy artbooks and you will know how Sanguinius looked like. This here is THE BEST and most accurate Sanguinius in the world, period. I can appreciate you want to make conversions of primarchs, but buy yourself the horus heresy artwork books and try to make them look like on the sketches. Your fulgrim is innacurate too.






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