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Kaïn the Scourge
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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Kaïn the Scourge

Kaïn the Scourge

Greetings again everyone, here is another Rackham miniature I have painted, Kaïn the Scourge of Acheron. After painting a string of Rackham minis for other people over the last few months, I did this one for myself - at last I get to keep one! Kaïn is such a great miniature, I had been looking forward to him for a long time and I was not disappointed, he was very enjoyable to paint. I tried to use a little more colour than I did with the black paladin I painted last month, to try something a little different. And I decided to create my own base rather than one of the resin bases I have been using recently, so that it would be a bit more personal. I hope you like it!

There are a few more photo angles and a short write-up about the painting colours, techniques etc. on my site, if you are interested - here:


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Viewer comments:
#275482 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2008
It's perfect!
#188931 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2006
Just perfect...
#179068 Rating: 10 19 May 2006
Oh boy, this is flawless work! Smooth and amazing blending, perfect NMM, perfect atmosphere, perfect base, perfect freehand. And the clothing is just the way it should be. One of the few mini's I give 10 without blinking an eye.
#177585 Rating: 10 8 May 2006
ooh yeah, very nice man! postulio scratch your back, you scratch postulio's yes ;-)
#177545 Rating: 10 8 May 2006
fantastic blending and very good control of the little details , i like the color of robe I give you an advice > use pigments to colored the robe , the effect is so realistic !!
#177504 8 May 2006
Once again, thank you all so much for the very generous comments, it is so great to hear these kind words from you, and from the artists I so greatly admire - what an honour! -sebastian
#177402 Rating: 10 7 May 2006
Your best mini until now at least in my opinion,the perfection in a mini.Outstanding nmms and amazing choice of colours.Keep it up master!!! -Saul-
#177319 Rating: 10 6 May 2006
It's not often that NMM truly looks indistinguishable from real metal. Bravo!
#177299 Rating: 10 6 May 2006
What an incredible mini! Great nmm, great atmosphere!!! I have always loved your creations!
#177160 Rating: 10 4 May 2006
WOW!!! :-0






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