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Space Wolf Patrarch Russ in Juggernauth
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Deucalion

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Space Wolf Patrarch Russ in Juggernauth

Space Wolf Patrarch Russ in Juggernauth

And this is our winning entry of this year en the French Golden Demon 05 in Monster category. We are very proud of it because this is our biggest project to date.
Thanks for that great days to all! Spanish Team--> Banshee, JMPN, Karaikal, Kaleth, Albert, Nano, Luis, Elroi sois los mejores! Roberto, Soli, Alesio, Jeremie, Waeselink, Allan, Kaple, Borgio, Kirill...nice to meet you once more time!
Para los que no estivisteis alli (Kai y Ruben) para los jovenes, para los viejos... XD
You have bigger photos in our web site. Please We need your comments! ;-)
Hope you like it!

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#323852 Rating: 10 5 Jun 2010
Awesome sauce !!!! Ignore the posts Russ should be on a wolf. I think if he was lost in the warp he could well "tame" a jugger after regaining the spear of russ cast into the warp by Ragnar. His armour is amazing, love the colour. Not sure if Russ would need or want a purity seal
#322054 Rating: 10 14 May 2010
Everything about this is great. If you have a problem thinking of it as a juggy, why not as an armored wolf then? It's all in the name... use your imagination.
#298502 Rating: 7 13 Jul 2009
Painting is great and all but er... it's a Space Wolf on a Juggernaut...? Not sure how you won the Daemon with that one, good work!
#216625 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2007
uuh jugernaughts are for chaos man, he should be on a fenrisian wolf or a sled pulled by them or somthin more realistic with spacewolves.
#213073 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2007
#196952 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2006
Nice. Grats on 10 spots cross the board.
#196841 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2006
wow wwooww man its incredable:0
#184238 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2006
¡Bien, toda lo que tengo que decir es ULULACIÓN!!!! Amo su estilo (s), este mini es perfecto. ¡Los metales maravillosos y el desgaste por la acción atmosférica, el mini tiene tanto carácter! ¡Me encanta! Derecho mi lista de los favoritos. Ustedes son amos. Apedasumbrado mi mal Español
#178607 Rating: 10 16 May 2006
I love this piece!! Since I'll never own it, I have purchased a juggernaut and will try to do a similar conversion ( I wish!!)! You've done a fantastic conversion and I hope you will continue to do more incredible pieces!
#178372 Rating: 10 14 May 2006
Excelent! Love the use of colors! I would love to see you do something with the new GW plastic Terminators or a Forge World Dreadnought. l






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