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ultramarine dreadnought.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by demonherald


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ultramarine dreadnought.

ultramarine dreadnought.

This is my first practise at freehand for a while..Basically wanted to play around with various shapes and patterns to still give the overall impression of blue armour with inlaid detailing..

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#303909 Rating: 10 29 Sep 2009
yet again, you have shown us an amazing peice...and its was only a practice? thats crazy!
#180554 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2006
and the free hand is very well executed. thanks for the free hand tips
#177746 9 May 2006
No I sort of missed them.. This piece was inherited from someone already built and I used purely the armour to practice for a freehand Idea I am working on..Have spent so long painting table armies and I am getting back into the display mind set and getting back to just enjoying painting.
#177677 Rating: 8 9 May 2006
Intersting use for the stormshields. I think you missed the mould lines on the smoke-launchers, or is it the foto ? Other than that i am jalous of your freehands...
#177607 Rating: 8 8 May 2006
I really like the subdued colour you used on the freehand, it gives it a lot of detail without overwhelming on top of the sculpted detail.
#177586 8 May 2006
metallics have lost a lot in the photographing (damn lighting ) thanks for the comments though much appreciated..
#177422 Rating: 8 7 May 2006
Wow this is elaborate! Sweet freehands - but metallics would use some more work - I recommend adding a tad of yellow ink to the metallics - this will make them super shiney also take some more water Overall 8.2. If you would some more on this mini it would be great! You are a very talented guy - I'll be looking forward for your further minis Greetz Hash






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