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Femme Militant
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by SJB

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Femme Militant

Femme Militant

This one was a commission from John Blanche (of GW art fame ). It's 40mm scale and is based on John's artwork for a range of his own called Femme Militant. The models will be produced in resin at some point in the future but I, as you can imagine, am sketchy on the details.

Anyway, the fig was a lot of fun to sculpt, though a brute in places (no the circular saw things on her chest were not easy).

I'm particularly proud of the Bear which is teeny tiny at about 11mm tall.

The white bits are plasticard before anyone asks. Oh and, yes, the legs are supposed to be that long

Looking forward to getting one of these to paint

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Viewer comments:
#211214 Rating: 10 17 Jan 2007
Two words to mind, "creepy" and "insane" but both in very good ways. Wow, the first Femme Militant that I've really wanted to paint.
#209232 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2007
Wonderful transposition of JB artwork. It seems to be not only well sculpted but also so identical to his sketch. I can only say Bravo!
#204433 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2006
Mine arrived in the post today, like all models better in the 'flesh'. and i can assure everybody this is an excellent sculpt. The bear has been cast perfectly and i mean perfect. Brilliant job steve as allways.
#181447 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2006
Superb!! You use the green stuff like no other. Keep on it!
#178488 Rating: 10 15 May 2006
Makes me want to sculpt a mini of my wife. That's an outstanding 'piece' you've done there. If this is the shape of the Imperium to come, I can't wait!
#178414 Rating: 10 14 May 2006
Just amazing, you've done a great job nurturing all the details and maintaining the highest quality as in all of your sculpts, This is a really unique model!
#178178 Rating: 10 12 May 2006
was gonna give it an 8 but +2 for that butt
#177947 Rating: 10 11 May 2006
Excellent sculpt! I love all the tiny details and the general smoothness of your work. I can't imagine how did you sculpted those saw on her chest. Looks terrific. 9.4 Bohun
#177941 Rating: 10 11 May 2006
would not worry about long legs issue steve, some women have 'em!! any one who moans about such details is ignorant of proportion imo. i love the piece and think its just so! well done as usual. regards==timo
#177779 Rating: 10 9 May 2006
Ohhh I do believe I need me one of these! What an Arse!






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