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Aftermath close-ups
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: SF

by Kaple

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Aftermath close-ups

Aftermath close-ups

100% scratchbuilt. Made of green stuff and magic sculpey.

The girl is approximately 14 mm.

Based on a wonderfull concept drawing by Eric Browning, and sculpted in dialog with him, to capture the right feeling.

I imagine the little girl sitting in her own fantasy and drawing, in this junkyard of old robots and military gear, some years after a huge space battle.

Hope you like it and thanks to Eric for participating.

More pictures including a picture of the concept art on

Hope you like her.

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Viewer comments:
#183819 Rating: 10 30 Jun 2006
so cool. you obtain something that only masterpieces have...transmit a sensation. cheers!!!
#179564 Rating: 9 24 May 2006
Beautiful piece. Great translation of from the painting and ... great base! Amazing
#179066 Rating: 9 19 May 2006
I really like the originality of this, thanks for doing it.
#178801 Rating: 10 17 May 2006
Anders stole the word from my mouth. Refreshing is the word. amazing
#178764 Rating: 10 17 May 2006
wow!!!!!!! this is really one of my favourite miniaturedioramas i have ever seen. it is so nicely done, great colours, the sculpture is lovely too - one word: great, amazing etc (well there are more words hahaha) keep up the great work!!! edgar
#178755 Rating: 10 17 May 2006
For me your damned best piece!I see, your sculpting abilities are improving fast!!But i didn´t expect anything else!I love the athmosphere!But damned what happened to your actually view of girls????To less alcohol the last months?
#178650 Rating: 10 16 May 2006
I saw the artwork on the site once. You have REALY captured the feeling of the picture in this sculpt. It's simply AMAZINGLY executed!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
#178644 Rating: 10 16 May 2006
A marvellous execution of a great concept!
#178612 Rating: 10 16 May 2006
#178521 Rating: 10 15 May 2006
Sculpting-wise there are things that could be better, but the painting and the overall imagery and atmosphere is bloody fantastic! This is one of the most refreshing things I've seen in a long time. /Anders






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