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Beloved of Sobek
Manufacturer: Crocodile Games
Category: Fantasy

by Amber

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Beloved of Sobek

Beloved of Sobek

This gigantic animal is 5 cm high and from the claws to the tail tip 7 cm long. I needed over 30 hours to finish it.
I got the idea for the colour scheme from Mrika, chiefly because she had catched the typical crocodile features, as the lighter belly or the drawing, very well. Moreover I wanted to see what my version would look like in similar colours, but in my own style. I must say that both versions look very good to me.

More pictures of him can be seen on my site.

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Viewer comments:
#460592 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2018
I really like what you've done with this miniature.
#245544 Rating: 10 26 Dec 2007
Superbly executed paintjob! Holding this mini in my hands at this year's DUZI made me order one myself... I hope I can come close to your results...
#192886 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2006
#182914 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2006
i love it!! the scales look magnificient! the tongue is such a nice colour too. the base is also great!
#182849 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2006
great mini! and so cool painting i love all the tones that you use. Keep on!!
#182846 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2006
overall very high standard: the choice of colors is very good (the red of the wrist bands and the pink of the tongue really suits the green very well), and smooth blending. The skull on the base is a nice detail. But I don't really like the grass you've put on it: it's too high IMO and the base of the grass doesn't look realistic... this is probably because of the way you attached it to the rest of the materials. Good work overall. -Gerrie
#182836 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2006
Wonderful. Realistic, natural, subdued. Lovely work.
#182824 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2006
I love this model and the colour is very naturalistic catching the colour of the croc greatly.
#182820 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2006
very cool great job






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