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Howling peak champion
Manufacturer: Ilyad Games
Category: Fantasy


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Howling peak champion

Howling peak champion

So far my best work, taking over 20 hours. I'm not used to spend so much time on a single model as I prefer faster (but nevertheless effective) tecniques than all this exhausting layering. In this mini I put all I've learned in these years, and so I've to thank a lot of people: First Jacques Alexandre who created this amazing sculpt. Then JR Nielsen for his tutorials about glazing and Kaple for his cd. Thanks to Karaikal for the blood dipping and Allan c for blood splattering, Mike mc vey for gemstones and Avicenna for inspiration on the fur cloak. In the end thanks to all cmonners who every day inspire my work and push me to improve and to all those who'll leave a comment on this mini (expecially about the base of which I'm not totally satisfied).

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#196863 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2006
WOW! He seems alive!!!
#191561 Rating: 8 22 Aug 2006
looks great, skin tone is good, metallics are realistic, but as you said something about the snow and head doesn't come through to me as realistic as the barbarian. First off the first thing i noticed is the blood dripping off the axe? To me the dripping is too excessive. What do I mean? well for starters with the amount of blood on the axe blade it seems too much drippage. At least half or a quarter of the drippings should have sufficed. And the severed head doesn't look 'natural' enough, almost like you kind of rushed it. And lastly the snow is kind of unrealistic too, i know, i know it's very difficult to obtain realistic snow for your miniatures, in my opinion i would have used less of the stuff on the base, you know what they say less is better. Ok that's my two cents. But don't dispair your work is outstanding, nothing lacking in the rest of the mini. If nothing else i'm here to help you improve, so don't take my criticism too harshly. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
#191070 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2006
The metal and fur are simply amazing!
#190982 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2006
a beautiful work on a great mini! CIAO...
#190771 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2006
Lol, im thinking this mini is awsome then I notice the freehand beast on the inside of the cape, Thats what I call raw skill. awsome!

#190744 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2006
#190197 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2006
''gasps for breath'' WOW! where can i get that mini?
#189959 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2006
just thort id give a nother 10. WOW
#189958 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2006
this is the best and i mean the best painted model iv ever seen. and i love the blood. amazing work, you are truly one of my fav painters....stu....
#189702 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2006
very nice! that cloak is ace, and the jems are flawless. lets see more of these figs!






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