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descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Banshee

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descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale

descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale

Gold in open category at the german golden demon 2006. it is a 28mm scale mini

hope that you like.. this is probably my favourite mini, not because of the thecnich, but cause i think is nice to see.

Part of the legs come from 2 different elysian troops of forgeworld , and the face is a conversion of a cadian plastic one.. the rest is sculpted with milliput. the base, the bullet box, etc is made with plasticard.

dedicated to jose, freddy and jack and specially to david w.. i will do something great for you.

i tried to achieve a clear palette , not usual in my minis cause i use to paint more dark.. but trying to achieve a godd mood, was a try to do transparences in a more subtle way that i did in other was the more dificcult part to paint.. i spent about 4 hours only for the t-shirt, cause i had a lot of problems until i liked the way i did.

gold in golden demon germany 2006

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Viewer comments:
#192496 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2006
la verdad es que es una pena que haya gente que vote haciendo el tonto. Es una utentica obra de arte y un 10 se queda corto. Me voy a quejar a CMON para que se pueda puntuar con un 11....
#192492 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2006
Esto es la leche la ves y es fantastica, pero encima piensas que son 28mm y ya es impresionante, deberias tener otra espada en casa tio.
#192129 25 Aug 2006
thanks to all, i am glad that you like it, and thanks to to all those people that give me 1 ratings to push me down.. you makes me realize more and more how much bored people are here.. only and advice: try to use your time in a more useful way.. maybe try to paint something. cheers
#191983 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2006
WOW!!! the whole diorama looks stunning and extremely realistic. I hope to have a mini painted by you one day ^^
#191969 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2006
Outstanding! I wonder why you were disqualified for the French GD? A Word of advice though. The bandaged arm is in an un-natural position. It should be twisted more 'palm toward belly' rather than 'palm facing down'. Try doing that with your arm and you'll see what I mean. I'd still give this an 11 if it were possible.
#191635 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2006
Very great mini. the "mood" of the scene is very impressive ! great job ! (I still dont understand why this mini was discalified in the french GD. :-/ )
#191429 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2006
well done job favorite part is the sweaty shirt...just looks great...well deserved gold
#191313 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2006
great atmosphere and realization
#191306 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2006
Realmente imresionante,me encanta!!!.Sin duda una de tus mejores minis.Soy una de esas personas que cree que te superas con cada nueva mini que haces.Tienes un mas que merecido Golden.Debio llegarte antes,pero tarde o temprano todo el mundo se rinde ante la envidencia de lo que es capaz de hacer un campeon del mundo.Regards "brother"!!!!
#191189 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2006
WOW, amazing mini, seen it in Cologne, but there were too many people in front so I couldn´t see any details... Great idea, great sculpting, great painting, just perfect...






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