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descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Banshee

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descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale

descanso view 2 - 28 mm scale

Gold in open category at the german golden demon 2006. it is a 28mm scale mini

hope that you like.. this is probably my favourite mini, not because of the thecnich, but cause i think is nice to see.

Part of the legs come from 2 different elysian troops of forgeworld , and the face is a conversion of a cadian plastic one.. the rest is sculpted with milliput. the base, the bullet box, etc is made with plasticard.

dedicated to jose, freddy and jack and specially to david w.. i will do something great for you.

i tried to achieve a clear palette , not usual in my minis cause i use to paint more dark.. but trying to achieve a godd mood, was a try to do transparences in a more subtle way that i did in other was the more dificcult part to paint.. i spent about 4 hours only for the t-shirt, cause i had a lot of problems until i liked the way i did.

gold in golden demon germany 2006

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Viewer comments:
#191161 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2006
He tenido la suerte de verla en la mano en TWT y he de decir que es una auténtica maravilla. Un oro bien merecido. Enhorabuena.
#191119 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2006
just great
#191049 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2006
hola banshee! It has been such a long time since I did any miniatures, but i have started one today, thank to you! I saw this mini, and it really inspired me to start again An awesome sculpt, with an incredible atmosphere and paintjob. master Torstein
#191043 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2006
I just realized this was a 28mm piece. Good God. I am blown away. To capture this much character in a 28mm mini is outright amazing. So many intangibles set the pefect mood. Incredible work.
#190998 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2006
When I first saw this I thought it was a 54mm learn its a 28 makes it all the better..Id give it a 12 if CMON would let me
#190779 Rating: 8 18 Aug 2006
I really love the base, it is very realistic, and the little details such as the coffee mug and cigarettes are a great touch. The actual model though feels a little washed out and too pale - perhaps it is the photo? I give it an 8.5.
#190630 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2006
donde pone a quise decir camiseta, jjeje
#190628 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2006
Joder! la vi y pense que tampoco era pa tanto, pero luego me enteré de que es un 28mm! increible!! me gusta mucho la peana con sus detallitos y la a también te ha quedado de 10, creo que te lo dije en el foro, pero como no va... snif! sabes si lo están arreglando o algo de lo que puede estar pasando...??
#190437 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2006
For me it deserved the German slayer but you freehands=no slayer The light, the atmosphere, the realistic touch....such a big source of inspiration to me. Congrats, hope to see you soon.
#190265 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2006
Es que me canso de verla y no me lo creo, está tan bien pintada que no me extraña que la gente crea que está a una escala mayor. Me gusta todo, todo, esa combinación de técnicas magistralmente aplicadas. (Ahora corto y pego comentario y nota para la otra foto ;-) porque no tiene sentido que la misma mini tenga puntuaciones diferentes )






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