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descanso 28 mm scale
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Banshee

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descanso 28 mm scale

descanso 28 mm scale

Gold in open category at the german golden demon 2006. it is a 28mm scale mini

hope that you like.. this is probably my favourite mini, not because of the thecnich, but cause i think is nice to see.

Part of the legs come from 2 different elysian troops of forgeworld , and the face is a conversion of a cadian plastic one.. the rest is sculpted with milliput. the base, the bullet box, etc is made with plasticard.

dedicated to jose, freddy and jack and specially to david w.. i will do something great for you.

i tried to achieve a clear palette , not usual in my minis cause i use to paint more dark.. but trying to achieve a godd mood, was a try to do transparences in a more subtle way that i did in other was the more dificcult part to paint.. i spent about 4 hours only for the t-shirt, cause i had a lot of problems until i liked the way i did.

gold in golden demon germany 2006

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Viewer comments:
#195484 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2006
Aunq es bastante simple, me parece una figura cojonudísima. Transmite una ambientacion y una historia de forma alucinante; ademas de estar pintada de cojones. Las fotos no hacen nada de justicia. Esta es, junto al ogrete, mis figuras favoritas de tu galería (auqn no sean las mejores técnicamente)
#193033 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2006
Beautiful masterwork, one of my favourite of your... incredible!
#192697 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2006
I also want to add that unlike many asshole snipers who try to destroy one's hard work and dedication to creation, there will always be people who would apprieciate artists like you, and support you throughout. Good luck in the future conquests!
#192696 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2006
It is so so great for a 28 mm figure. I love the light paintjob, the colours work perfectly. The sculpt and the paintjob provides such a positive feeling, unlike so many others. Maybe there are artists that are technically better than you, but your abbillity to create a world of your own with your creations make so stand out so much. You will always be an influence for me in my work. And congratulations on your winning. Should have been a slayer.
#192128 25 Aug 2006
thanks to all, i am glad that you like it, and thanks to to all those people that give me 1 ratings to push me down.. you makes me realize more and more how much bored people are here.. only and advice: try to use your time in a more useful way.. maybe try to paint something. cheers

#191848 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2006
Brilliant idea and exellent execution of it. The paintjob is awesome. I had chance to see it in reality Cheers - Christophe
#191747 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2006
this had to be the better mini of german games,congratulations for the gold...thanks again for the fantastic week end..hope to see you soon my friend...
#191671 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2006
creo que con el ogrete es tu mejor miniatura. Desde el oxido de la farola al sudor de la espalda es increible, y bueno para rematar el paquete de tabaco, tu Alfonso eres de otra dimensión.
#191307 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2006
Has hecho los mejores Guardias imperiales que se han visto jamás,sigue asi maestro!!! Pero deja algo pra los demas.-the twins-
#191141 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2006
héhéh que buena idea y realisacion.. solo le falta Freehands.... Hihih Ciao amigo J.






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