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Games Day Germany 2006 Bronze Diorama: Leonardo DeMiragliano´s Answer...
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Steampunk

by Matt Cexwish

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Games Day Germany 2006 Bronze Diorama: Leonardo DeMiragliano´s Answer...

Games Day Germany 2006 Bronze Diorama: Leonardo DeMiragliano´s Answer...

Hi Di Ho!

*** Ooookay...... This might be a bit longer... Thank you for your patience in advance, I will try to make this worth reading...... ***

God, Where to start...?... It´s difficult, because this Project is so complex, as you can maybe imagine... Maybe I start with the inspiration, the idea behind this project...^_^...

After creating my first Warhammer Fantasy Diorama for the German Games Day in 2005 ( , ... You can find a detailed background text on that if you follow the link...) I had the strong desire to continue my Serie of Leonardo Di Miragliano as a ingenious Mechanicus... I still was inspired and fascinated by the thoughts that flood my mind while thinking about Medieval Machines, Exploding Bombfrogs, Mechanical Toothpicks and Deadly Funny Blueprints... I hope that some of this spirit can be transferred to you, good reader, as well......

Now, I thought about my Diorama... with it´s solid construction and some Elements like the Coal it "feeled" kind of Earthbound to me... Earth, hmmm... So, why not make a whole serie that operates with the Symbols of the Elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire...... *Hooooray*... My idea was born...

I decided to continue with Water first... I always dreamed of working with Resine, so I decided to take the challenge and experiment with this vicious stuff... and it was a hell of a task, but more about that later... I quickly had the image of a diving bell, a very experimental Invention, even compared to the usually already very progressive constructions of Maestro Di Miragliano... The Title " Leonardo Di Miragliano´s Answer" had been chosen because of the background story I created before starting the scetches: I imagined, how the Empire had to deal with assaults of some nasty Norse Longboats... imperial villages located nearby the coast are practically unguarded, hundreds of Norse could easily invade the whole Empire, something must be done... so the Count Elector sends out a request to find a Solution... a request that is answered by the Master Inventor himself......

I created a dock scenery, in which a strong (drugged, insane, magically motivated...) Helper could raise the Diving Bell out of the water, so the Workers would be able to clean all the gnarly things off (watch the sea-hedgehog......)... The Warden yells at the workers to hurry up and help their Colleague, but the Standing one is a bit tooo busy dreaming about how this could be his way to heroically deliberate the Empire ( "*Sigh*... And then daily wager John entered his mighty Diving bell and sank the whole Norse Fleet..."..." YARR, Wanna taste of my Hammer, back to work...!..."......), while the other assures that correcting the lines of the woodgrain is the most important work in the world...Errr, well, telling the truth he is just trying not to help at some serious work...... The little Jar in the water was dropped by the bald worker (he´s a real dreamer......)...

The Diving Bell... I like the fact, that the Aero (Waetero......) Dynamic Shape of the Diving Bell is not it´s final solution, because it is due to the fact that Leonardo still has some years to come, so he can learn from this one and make another, Mark II, II Or XVIXXII...... you have to understand this construction through the ingenious thoughts of a Medieval Geezer......

The bell itself had been done 98%ly with Plasticcard... the other 2% are Metal Parts from Clockworks from the Flea Market and a local seashipminiaturemodeldealer (......)... The small dock thingy in the water is made of Plasticcard and a shashlik - Poker... Greetings to Bestienmeister, dunno the word......

The Underwater Detail... You can find 5 Fishes ( , , , , ), Two Sea - Hedgehogs, One Crab, One Anchor and tons of Plankton / algae inside the Water... Sadly the effect is not easy to photograph, you have to see it with your own eyes......)... I sculpted these with Super Sculpey, Green Stuff was not tough enough to resist the Resine......

The Crane is made of Plasticcard as well... the small Rivets are cut from a 1mm Plasticstick (imagine cutting a tiny Salami... that tastes like plastic......)...

There is a Tutorial to come, I have done some WIP Pics of the most important parts, so feel free to check out the Tutorial Section on our Forum at in some time...

I will probably continue this serie, the next Element will be Air, I guess...... Please check my work out from time to time to make sure not to miss it... I think I will do it for the German Games Day 2007, I hope so...... *holdingthumbs*...

Here you have a *very* poor first version of my Video... ... Maybe it helps you a bit to understand the Diorama´s setup... or whatever...... I will post a bit more professional version in about a month, same place...

You may visit THIS Forum to see some more pictures and, if you are able to, read more Information... ...

And Finally... I want to thank B. Komets (aka white rabbit on CMON...) for his support during this whole project... He helped me out with some difficult questions plus helped to develop the Idea... Also my buddy Adam assisted here and there and gave me some feedback... Thank´s a lot, fellas......

Now, if you have some questions, please feel free to ask... I will try to answer... again, thank you for your patience and... please feel free to leave a vote and, if you are very, very generous, leave a comment......

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Viewer comments:
#442853 Rating: 10 9 Oct 2015
that resin is amazing. the ripple!?
#400463 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2013
There's a fine line between Genius and Insanity Fortunately you seem quite coherent, wonderful work, bless ya
#390418 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2013
cant believe u only got bronze
#370336 Rating: 10 24 May 2012
While the diorama is absolutely fantastic and deserves the highest score what is even more impressive to me is the mind(s) behind the creation. I love how beautifully imagined and well thought out your work(s) is(are) - it is truly a treat to get your thoughts about the entire process. Very inspiring - thank you!
#355510 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2011
#339727 Rating: 10 3 Feb 2011
BLASPHEMI! bugmans XXX thrown in the water! but good paintjob
#337301 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2010
It's the kind of inspiring creativity that keeps me hooked on this hobby. Well done!
#310073 Rating: 6 6 Dec 2009
That is one of the most original diorama's I have seen in a very long time...Thnx for sharing : )
#275141 Rating: 10 11 Nov 2008
You, sir are unbelivable! I must get on that train to Polish GD next year and extract as much information from you as possible I am proud that you are a member of the crew on Polish GD! Cheers!
#262000 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2008
Stunning. Absolutely stunning. How did you do the resin though in that kind of rectangular block ?






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