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Tau XV88-2 broadside
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nomic

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Tau XV88-2 broadside

Tau XV88-2 broadside

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#288292 Rating: 8 25 Mar 2009
AMAZING how did you do the missles?
#257393 Rating: 9 1 May 2008
I really like this miniature. There's just one thing that's confusing me... Your missiles look like... well... flying blue penises. oO Sorry, friend. ^^
#192878 30 Aug 2006
Thanks for the comments! I haven't added more pics of my army because the painting quality of them isn't so good. But I am looking forward to get my recent battlesuits posted. I'm now working a true ninja suit , standard bearer suit (going to spend much time painting his huge flag, it'll be futuristic sight from big tau city)+ two more FW suits, other firing twin-plasma. PS. My English aren't so good (I have already studied it only about 7 years... )
#192638 Rating: 8 29 Aug 2006
Hello i just love the dark and evil look on our brodeside wow amazing work!
#192632 Rating: 9 29 Aug 2006
Great Conversion! I'm building up a tau army myself, and find the limited positions of the battle suits constricting, So I've been converting away. I hope to have some pictures of my army up soon, but you should definetly post more of your army. It's great! It shows a lot of creativity and a love of the hobby, especially in a playable army! The missile's are a little phalic, but I like the paint job and the dark color scheme. Great firewarriors firing their rifles on the photobucket page too. Inspiring stuff!






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