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Lorna The Huntress
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Alexi Z

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Lorna The Huntress

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#310612 Rating: 6 13 Dec 2009
Oops...I gave it an 8.
#310611 Rating: 6 13 Dec 2009
It's really cool and inspiring to see your progress in the 4 years that you posted your first version of this figure and this one.
#205784 Rating: 9 6 Dec 2006
I was going to buy this mini down at Dragon's Keep, because it looked fun to paint. Now, though... *sigh* I wouldn't dare touch Lorna with a brush, after seeing your work on her.
#203806 19 Nov 2006
2Brushkiller: This is another one ofcourse.
#203780 Rating: 9 19 Nov 2006
Looking good, but did you really redo your first mini and sell it, or is this another one?

#195615 Rating: 10 16 Sep 2006
Great to see you paint such a simple mini for once. Really brings out your flair for light and character. My favourite mini of yours since the 54mm piece.
#194009 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2006
A bit flat overall but the face is extraordinary! Especially on the closeup you showed in the auction. Maybe you should incorporate such closeups in the pics you submit here. I think your works stands up to bigger overall pics as well. Maybe make's people realise more what differs you from 99% of all other painters. The nmm on the sword is a bit less controlled then I'm used to by you. Especially on the frontside, are you doing a reflection of the stones on the sword? Try to still keep the upperpart of the sword more touched by lighting.
#193732 Rating: 10 4 Sep 2006
THAT SKIN IT'S... IT's... *faints*
#192967 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2006
hmm, I had some thoughts about it and it is much better than the old on. Ignore the previous post
#192769 Rating: 7 29 Aug 2006
what is this, quick mone? as usual you are having trouble with clothes, still can't take my eye's of your nmm's






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