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Imperial Guard Cadian Grunt Sgnt Krom
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by krom1415

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Imperial Guard Cadian Grunt Sgnt Krom

Imperial Guard Cadian Grunt Sgnt Krom

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#196361 Rating: 9 23 Sep 2006
Great stuff! Far and away your best yet
#196346 Rating: 9 22 Sep 2006
HEy Krom, great work, did you remodel the face/head? I've never much cared for the cast before but yours I really like. The coke cans a nice touch......
#196250 Rating: 9 21 Sep 2006
I know it's been said... The face on this is killer! The detail and expresion are terrific. Congrats
#195482 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2006
I didn't find words in my bilingual dictionnary to describe how much I impressed by the face of this mini. Chapeau bas!
#194964 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2006
Impressive miniature Mark! O___O I like it very much! You've taken a simple miniatures and reach to give to it a great realism! Congratulation!
#194773 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2006
Impressive realism, all look real, the face expression is simply amazing. He don't looks as a mini, but as a real soldier. One of your best job!!!!
#194724 10 Sep 2006
Torn Blue Sky, I'm shocked at your suggestion, lol. Seriously though, thanks for all the kind comments and suggestions, very much appreciated. I will try and do a better job on my next mini.
#194707 Rating: 9 10 Sep 2006
Clever pimping Krom old boy! lol
#194585 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2006
You improved a lot. Great mini, keep on
#194552 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2006
So very good in the face but i feel the clothing and the weapon lack a little in contrast, i think IMHO the highlighting is spot on and mega realistic so therefore the shading needs a lot more depth... sorry, two Kroner!!






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