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Goblin War Giant GDUK 2006
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Avicenna

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Goblin War Giant GDUK 2006

Goblin War Giant GDUK 2006

My entry for the Warhammer monster category at this years Golden Demon UK...

Sadly he is only semi-finished - in that everything that is on him there is painted, but to varying standards, and that there are a lot of unpainted bits still to be finished and attached (3 ot 4 more goblins for the fighting platform, shields and foodstuffs to hang from his belt, tattoos, a surfing gobbo for the base, and all the water effects that I wanted to do round his legs etc... and a much more intricate banner). I was happy with him, especially as I only started him 10 days ago

The water is Gedeo 'Crystal Resin' cast in a plastic CCG card box... and a pain in the arse it was too But it was the first time I had used resin so I was pleased with the outcome! Certainly good enough to get me through thr final cut and earned me yet another certificate and pin-badge combo!

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#417899 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2014
#296903 Rating: 10 20 Jun 2009
Nádherná práce opravdu. Great Work
#289438 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2009
I can not believe it! It's just immosibly superb! 10 from me! But I just want to know... How did you make this uber water? From what material is it made? How do u do it? Just how? Tell me please! ^^
#228149 Rating: 9 27 Jun 2007
Looks really amazing... The water just puts it over the top, along with the platform for the little gobos. As you, yourself said, a few more gobos would make it even nicer
#219503 Rating: 9 25 Mar 2007
Very nice, too bad you didn't have time enough to do everything you wanted on it before the competition!
#198697 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2006
I know just how much work went into this model and how short a time you gave yourself to do it too! Based on that, he's fantastic and the resin base really has to be seen in the 'flesh' to appreciate the full affect. Your skin tones are fantastic as ever Nicely done
#198450 Rating: 10 8 Oct 2006
Eh? I was sure I voted on this??? Nevermind, Exellent work. But you know that hehe! Great concept! Nice
#198238 Rating: 9 6 Oct 2006
I love the paint job, very nice. Coud have done with those extra figures on the platform. I was thinking about doing something similar to the base, but on a much larger scale, with a section of castle, it's a shame it kind of creeps up at the edges. I wonder if it could be filed off? probably not worth the risk. Anyway, great mini
#198235 Rating: 10 6 Oct 2006
very cool, I was a youngbloods finalist i will post my daemonhost soon
#198129 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2006
Yep, I've seen him on GD! Looks very impressive!






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