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Swordmaster of Hoeth
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by nano

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Swordmaster of Hoeth

Swordmaster of Hoeth

Hi to all!

This is my last mini. It´s a Swordmaster of Hoeth. I decided to do this proyect some years ago because the elves are my favourite army. I waited a lot because I was not prepared to esculpt (and I still have to learn a lot). Initially I was going to do a miniature as Swordmaster of hoeth Marc Gibbons's drawing of the book of the high elves, but at the end I changed the pose because it was very static for a miniature. I also do some details inspired in the artwork of this army.

It´s a 54mm scale miniature. Please, note that I´m not a professional sculptor and it´s really difficult to me to do this kinds of proyects. Anyway I´m very happy with the final result.

Thanks to all the ST, to Alfonso and JMPN for his advices, to JMPN for his help in the last moments with the base, and of course to my great friends Luis and Rubén, you are the best!

This mini is dedicated to my friends, that always give me his supports, and mainly to my girlfriend Martita, you are my life...

Greetings to all the ST forum and specially to Chechu, a very good boy!

It won gold in the last UK GD in large scale category. Congrats to all the winners specially to Albert!

It will be a sculpt tutorial of all the process in the magazine Figure International of March.

I hope you like it, comments are welcome!

Thanks, Fernando.

Painted version in the id: 136005

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Viewer comments:
#314401 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2010
What medium did you sculpt it with? IT LOOKS AWSOME!!!!
#271041 26 Sep 2008
this little discussion was a lot of time ago, I don´t understand your words now, please let the people calm, we only want to enjoy our hobby, do the same. and is much better the english for understand all comments here
#271001 Rating: 8 26 Sep 2008
peut-être que minos est un peu sévère mais n'est ce pas un site ou l'on peut dire ce que l'on pense ,on ne joue pas à savoir qui à la plus grosse (banshee) mais juste à donner des conseil,minos donne son avis et il fait ce qu'il veut ,il note 7 par rapport aux autres travaux de sculpture que l'on trouve et qui sont d'un + haut niveau (que je n'ai pas du tout ) mais les critiques sont constructive, mais c'est normal entre gars de la même équipe on se voile la face...
#228271 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2007
Wow, I wish I 'didn't know how to sculpt' like this!
#220961 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2007
the praise is very well deserved!! i love the model, even though i hate the army
#200705 25 Oct 2006
Thanks for all your comments, you make me feel ery happy...I have to learn a lot, I hope that my next mini could be better. Greetings to all. I´m agree with you Banshee, I like the critical, not destructive commentaries.
#200149 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2006
MINOS_ maybe we can be agree with you, but i would like to see some critocs like that in your own minis.. if that is a 7, your minis for sure are not a 9.... so.. i think... maybe a lot of overvalued minis over here..includying my minis, maybe nano's ones but for sure yours too.. i suppose you are agree that maybe this mini is a 7, and yours are a 6.. cause there are not sculpted and the paintjob is not a top level in thecnic, ambient, originality, etc etc etc.. are you agree with me?
#199821 Rating: 7 19 Oct 2006
Toute cette sculpture est trés rigide manque de mouvenment dans les drapés et le plumet visage figé enluminureures trop épaisses L'attitude n'est pas bonne, essayez de la tenir et on en reparle... a part la propreté cette sculpture ne m'inspire rien ....
#199198 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2006
i want this mini T_T
#198866 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2006
Eres un puñetero gayyyyy estas el primero en el coolmini mañana cuando vengas a verme te voy a darrrrrr friegas de amor de las q tu sabes jajaja






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